The Creepy Classics - Monster Bash House at Halloween 2008!

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For those of you interested in what the owner of Creepy Classics and Monster Bash's Halloween looks you go! Not that much different than anyone else's....except the inside looks like Halloween all year round....HA! This friendly, neighborhood bat keeps an eye out for unwary Trick-Or-Treaters!

This year Paisley, our daughter, wanted to be Peter Bregman's "The Trap-Door Maker." But, after some costuming difficulties, she opted for "The Ghost of Sleepy Hollow." We have a mountain ravine near our house that is called Sleepy Hollow (after the famous town in New York). There's even a Sleepy Hollow Tavern that recently burned to the ground. Here's Paisley getting dressed in black with a porch ornament.

To help her vision of turning the large porch ornament into a mask, I got my tools.

I removed the lighting fixture inside. The plastic was rather thick. I sawed out chunks, then used tin-snips to cut out the bottom for her head. I used a power drill to create holes all around the base of it. The holes had to be large enough to accomodate the large hooks of bungie-cords. These would be attached to the pumpkin, then under her clothing to belt loops from every side.

Her cape on and the oversized-pumpkin on her head....she was getting close. After some adjustments in the wardrobe and pinning, the costume will be just about there. We'll add paint highlights to the pumpkin too.

The traditional colored corn on our front porch door.

A "dummy" ghoul at our porch door window...waiting...just waiting.

Some Halloween reading from our resident skellyton.

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