Monster Bash, Team Bash!

Dear Ron:

My friend Glenn Odden and I thoroughly enjoyed the October Bash, our first time attending during the Spooky Month! We particularly were grateful to meet “The Monster Kids” Janet Ann Gallow and Donnie Dunagan, and I will be adding their signed photos to my monster-filled office tomorrow.

I know you’ll be very busy catching up on things for awhile, but when you have the chance can you let me know in which hotel the next October Bash will be held? (The Marriott Pittsburgh North for October 2020, June will be at the Double Tree Pittsburgh North 2020) I want to be sure to book a room for it as soon as possible – it’s great to be in the same hotel where the Bash is happening.

Many thanks to you and your family and to the entire Monster Bash Orange Shirted Team for once again keeping alive the Universal Monsters and their Kids!

-Mad Doctor Tim Madigan

Dear Ron
Just a quick note to let you know once again, just how much I love Bash. The staff was amazing. I know people refer to the ‘Bash family’. And I know I am not unique but you and Bash have been my ‘lifesaver’ over the last couple of years in ways you can not know.

On another note. I adored the little couple who had the booth next to me (Kryptic Kreatures) and the very fine young artist across from me from Atlanta). It means so much seeing young craftsmen and artists embrace classic horror. I tried to give them some help-I believe the show went well and they will be back in June!!! Yeah!!!

Thank you for all you and your family/staff do. I appreciate you more than you can ever know
Terri Mount
That’s Terri-IFIC

Ron -

I wanted to drop you an email to tell you that Stefanie and I had a good time at Monster Bash!

Wow! Donnie Dunagan is a gem! What a treat it was to meet him!

Thanks again -

Bob Kokai (TV Horror Host "Drac!")

This in from Florida and Dave Heywood, who made the trip!

Ron and the Monster Bash gang,
On behalf of my wife Holly and my daughter Allie, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful weekend. Everything was perfect.

I look so forward to attending Monster Bash and it is always more fun than I imagine it will be. I chatted with a Mummy and a Monkey. Got to meet the Hammer Horror crew, and Riccou and I got along swimmingly. All the stars were warm and cordial and I enjoyed every talk, all the movies and presentations.Holly even got a few drops of blood on her from Tom Savini ‘s gunshots ! We filled up on Tacos and cake and couldn’t believe all the great stuff at the dealers tables. Such fun!!!

But to top it all off was the “Forry”! That was so thoughtful and quite a surprise. I’m sorry if my “thank you speech” wasn’t too exciting but I was really taken back and was at a loss for words. But I will cherish my Forry forever. After I received it, I met another art teacher (who was also a dealer there) and he asked me for an example of one of my monster art lessons.

I shared my invisible man lesson. At the start of class, I ask the kids if they have ever seen the movie The Invisible Man with Claude Rains and point to a poster hanging in my room. Most of the kids never have seen it. I tell them that today we are going to draw him. They all laugh and say the paper will be blank! I tell the class that we are drawing him with his clothes on running from the police. So they have to figure out how clothes would look with no body. Draw the wrinkles and folds. Maybe he’s wearing a hat ? The class always had fun with that one.

It was great to chat with him and so many other new friends. You have created a wonderful environment. Thanks for all you do and best wishes to you and your family. Your good friend...Dave Heywood

Above: Pittburgh's TV host of CHILLER THEATER for decades Bill Cardille and director, writer and film teacher Robert Tinnell at MONSTER BASH a few years ago.

Hey old friend -
Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the Bash. It was a great deal of fun and really gave me a shot of inspiration. Thanks for keeping it going!
Bob Tinnell

Above: Steven Turek is a great contribtor to MONSTER KID RADIO.

Hi Ron,

I again want to thank you for another wonderful Bash. I was asked about what I like best about the Bash recently. My answer was besides the movies, guests, panels, and dealer tables, there are two things that make Monster Bash an amazing time. Firstly, the friends that I have made at the Bashes! You have given me the chance to meet several wonderful people that I would never have meet before, and from that I have developed new friendships! The second thing that I love about the Bash is that my son, Ben has been with me at each one, and my daughter Mikaela has been to one, also. It is great to see them experience some of these movies for the first time. I guess that I really could have just said family is the most important part of the Bash! So, in closing I want to thank you for allowing my family into your Monster Bash family!

Steven Turek

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for putting on Monster Bash each year.  I had a great time at the June Bash as usual.  Really enjoyed the talks by authors  Stan Gordon, Frank Dello Stritto and Greg Mank.  Also enjoyed the guests interviews and, of course the movies.  In fact I liked everything except that it only lasted 3 days.  Could you bump it up to maybe 4 or 5 days? Kind of kidding! Ha! Made it back to Iowa on the Harley Monday OK but had one incident on Saturday during the Bash… I came out to uncover the bike and had a flat tire.  I don’t get them very often so called the local Harley dealership and they came and took me and the motorcycle to their New Castle shop and fixed me right up.  I did miss 3 hours of the Bash.

I just now ordered a 3 day admission from you for next June’s Monster Bash and surprise! I am hoping to come out this October to that Bash too!  I bought a 2017 Fiat Spider this year and plan on driving the 800 miles in that instead of the Harley because of the time of year.  I have ordered that October admission pass from you too.  So we’ll see how that road trip goes.  One more thing….I stopped at the cemetery near Mars, PA on Thursday where Night of the Living Dead was filmed and tried to take the attached selfie next to the gravestone seen in the movie (photo above).  Eerie secluded place with light rain and strange noises going on.  Love it!!

Thanks again Ron.

Rocky from Iowa “Ghost Rider”

Above: Hallmark film director/writer, Sam Irvin.

Dearest Ron!

YOWZA!!!! I had sooooo much fun at Monster Bash!!!!! It was my second Bash and it is absolutely my favorite convention, bar none! I can’t wait to return as often as my directing schedule allows me to! Thank you and your staff for your incredible hospitality! And congratulations on your well-deserved Rondo Award!

-Sam Irvin

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