Monster Bash, Team Bash!


As always, a great Bash. Linda & I had a wonderful time. And it is an honor to work with you and the team.

See you in June 2022.

-Frank Dello Stritto, Texas

Dear Ron
Just a quick message to thank you again for all you do to put together Bash. You create a convention unlike any other out there and it is greatly appreciated by all who participate. It is so nice when the hotel staff and waitresses at nearby resturants mention how much they love the crowd from Monster Bash, and I hear that often.
Hope you get a few moments to rest up before the holidays!
Terri-I fically yours,
Terri Mount (& Tom too!)

Hi Ron,

I'm sure you're inundated with e-mails right now so I'll try to make this quick (you know how I love to Ramble ! ??)
Mainly, I just want to thank you so very much for EVERYTHING!

You always go the extra mile with all the things you do... the flowers for your guests, the tacos, cereal, cake , the band, the prizes , the food credit etc. I don't know of any other convention that does all that you do! The "Bashers" are all so warm, kind, caring and welcoming and it truly is like a big happy family and no other convention is quite like yours.

All of your staff are truly amazing and I got to speak with them a little more this time and each and every one of them are absolutely wonderful! I loved staying there for the band and cake too.

I hope you and Ursula know how much you are both loved by everyone from your staff, volunteers and the vendors ! Everyone I talked to just raved about you both, and of course for good reason.

You two are one of a kind and there are no words to thank you for all that you do and for making me feel so special. I had the best time ever! I hope you both will be able to catch up on I'm sure some much needed sleep!

Thank you again from my heart. I am truly blessed to know you and Ursula.

Much love,
Beverly Washburn, NV

Above: MONSTER BASH projectionist Geoffrey Curtis.

Hi Ron,

On behalf of my brother-in-law Bob Albright (who I've copied on this e-mail) and I, I just wanted to sincerely thank you, your family and your wonderful staff for producing yet another fantastic Monster Bash.

The unique line up of guests, the great rare films (thanks Geoffrey!), the very large and diverse dealers' room, the always interesting film analysis by Frank Dello Stritto and Greg Mank (please always do more of these), and all of the other great fun events during the weekend, always place your convention as number one among all other fan conventions!!

During the first night of the convention, my brother-in-law Bob and I shared a dinner table with Victoria Vetri and her companion Mark. After learning everything Victoria sadly went through in her life, from the Manson murders to her jail sentence, etc. you can obviously tell that this very stressful life took a serious toll on her, but your staff, including John Bishop during her Q&A session, always gave her the great respect that she so deserved. (Victoria was actually so close to playing Maria in the film version of West Side Story!).

So thank you for everything from "The Locket" to great discussions with your very pleasant and humorous son-in-law, to Bob and Leonard's dealer table.

Just so you know, even after traveling nine hours from NJ and then nine hours back, Bob and I always have a real bash at the Monster Bash!


Joe Shinnick, Lyndhurst, NJ

Above: Some of the staff after the show. Whew.

Hey Ron,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Bash this past weekend. The last couple of years have been tough on everyone, but I can't imagine how hard it has been for you. It was great to be back in Mars. I intend to keep purchasing any genre items from Creepy Classics. I would much rather spend a little more to support you than Amazon.

I was really struck this time by what a great staff you have. They are hard working, thoughtful and can be downright hilarious. High marks.

I have already reserved my room for June. Thanks for all you do.

Vince Simonelli, Streamwood, IL


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