The Malcolm Gittins Collection

Dear Ron, I just wanted to share the very cool pieces to my collection!
Here are some of the other things in my monster kid cave!

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Some of Malcolm's treasured books!


The great Kharis Aurora Mummy model.


The super cool FM Fearbooks in Malcolm's personal collection. Weren't these just the best?!


Our "Heroes," the monsters and the books they were in...


Monument to Forry in the Gittins Collection!

The Creature rules!

Wall of flame....flaming horror!

Monster models, action figures keeping those flickering images alive...

The sinister sixties and the shocking seventies will never die!

The home of a Monster Kid!

TV Horror Host Chilly Billy is just hanging around...on the wall!


Aurora Designs rule!


Shelves of horror....


Wait....Malcolm left a brain out on top of the might spoil! Where's Fritz?


One of Pittsburgh's NUMBER 1 Monster Fans - Malcolm Gittins was a monster kid from the start! Check out his assembled and painted classic Aurora figures.

Some of the more recent figures...The Creature and good ol' Robby The Robot!

They don't get any more classic htan this - you gotta love The Aurora Monsters.

The big guys come out to play! It's Kong and the relative creatures from Japan.

I wouldn't want to meet up with this scary street gang in a dark alley!

Christmastime at Malcom' that's a Monster's Holiday!


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