The Mario Chacon Collection

Mario Chacon and henchmen.


From the Forrest Ackerman collection to the Mario Chacon collection! Autographed still by David Bruce (THE MAD GHOUL).


A Christopher Lee autograph on a photo from THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1957).


Here's another Frankenstein Monster from Mario's collection, autographed by Glenn Strange.


...and the classic monsters just keep on comin'! It's the WEREWOLF OG LONDON autographed by the actor, Henry Hull.


It's a John Carradine Carradine appears as Dracula in the still.


Ron, here's my new addition to my autograph collection, a Dwight Frye, you know how hard those are to find. Enjoy.


Lon Chaney howls on in Mario's collection. A Lon Chaney autograph and classic photo!


The latest addition to Mario's collection. A classic stage portrait of Bela Lugosi as DRACULA, autographed.


New to Mario's gallery, a very rare autograph of Universal-International make-up man, Bud Westmore!


Direct From Donnie Dunagan

An autographed photo of Boris Karloff from the film TOWER OF LONDON (1939). The autograph was for his co-star Donnie Dunagan. Here's a note from Mario on this piece: "Hey Ron , have a new addition for the gallery, see if you like it, straight from Peter Vonn Frankenstein himself."

Thesiger Added!

Mario has added an elusive Ernest Thesiger autograph (see publicity still on the right) to his collection. A quirky, and very interesting actor, that just about steals the show in THE BRODE OF RANKENSTEIN (1935)...and THE GHOUL (1933).


Ape Woman in the House

Ape Woman, Vicky Lane, from the movie JUNGLE CAPTIVE is pictured here in Mario's collection. The insert paper features her autograph.


Direct From Skull Island

Direct from Skull Island it's Carl Robert Armstrong's autograph on a photo of him from KING KONG (1933).


Bride's Here

Mario just added the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN's autograph to his collection - Elsa Lanchester....with autograph!


Panther Woman

Mario's collection grows with a super rare Kathleen Burke (The Panther Woman in ISLAND OF LOST SOULS) autograph, beautifully framed.

Martita Hunt

Martita Hunt autograph and photo display! She was the woman who kept the spawn of Dracula hostage...but becomes a vampire herself when he gets loose in THE BRIDES OF DRACULA.

Freda Jackson

Mario scored another autograph from a BRIDES OF DRACULA actress - Freda Jackson.

Dracula's Bride

Ron, I just got this back, and wanted to share it with you, Dorothy Tree aka as Dorothy Uris capturee here for us forever. Enjoy Mario.

Dracula Medallion

Another new item in the Mario Chacon Collection! Here's what Mario said: Ron, this is the new Dracula Mediallion I found. I think it looks more like the original. what do you think?

I think Mario needs to open a museum to the public!

Werewolf Matt Willis

This in from Mario: Hey Ron, here's what I was talking about, an autographed photo of Matt Willis as Andreas to a make-up tech on the film named Irving Pringle, later on in the 60's he did the makeup for Gunsmoke, anyway hope you like it.
Best, Mario

A rare autograph from the butler in the SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939) - Edgar Norton! Quite a score for Mario and his classy framing rivals the best of art galleries!

The ever-growing Mario ChaconCollection now has this wonderful mounted picture and description of Henry Hull as the WEREWOLF OF LONDON! Mario must have a lot of wall space!

The latest in Mario's collection includes this nicey framed Oliver Reed autograph and pic of him from CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF.

Above: Two pictures from Marion's shelf closet of Sideshow monster figures on parade! Notice the "life masks" of actors behind the figures!

A great Don Post poster, autographed by Don Post himself!

Another Dwight Frye autograph. Frye's autographs are tough to come by since he died young in 1943.

An Ernest Thesiger letter mounted with a great photo, now in Mario's collection...look at these great framed pieces!

Mario mounted this great tribute to Boris Karloff as Morgan in THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1932).

Mario has appeared to scored another letter written by Glenn Strange! Not only does Mario have an awe-inspiring collection, but he goes all out in the presentation with eloborate mounting and framing or display in his personal dungeon.

A Merian C. Cooper - Kong memorial plaque!

One nastly looking CURSE OF THE DEMON bust. One of the coolest looking monster from the 1950s!

A great looking Bela bust!

Bela Lugosi autograph.

Wooden Christmas cards made by Dwight Frye!

Dwight Frye autograph.

Dwight Frye letter.

The Frankenstein series masks.

Monster figures and autographs behind!

Rondo Hatton letter.

Tor Johnson mask.

Mario's werewolf masks...and a cyclops too.

More cool masks.

A few figure on the dresser!

Some of Mario's DVDs.

More figures displayed on the wall (looks like Dracula's crest for a shelf!).

Frankenstein series autographs.

Letter from Glenn Strange.

Jack Pierce autograph.

Evelyn Ankers letter.

"The Wolfman Curse"

Matt Willis (werewolf in RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE) autograph.

David Peel autograph.

Rondo Hatton autograph.

Ode to Tor!

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