The Monster Bash Award - "The Forry"

Only two lifetime "Monster Bash Award" are presented once a year.

The MBA represents a lifetime achievement of fostering the love of classic movies. Preserving the popularity of the films, and preserving the memories of the actors that brought them to us.

Two people who have helped keep the genre alive, once a year, will be awarded the MBA - "The Forry!"

Awards are presented annually at the Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference & Film Festival.

Above image put together by recipient George Chastain.



Above: Daniel Horne and Forrst J Ackerman.

The concept by Ron Adams (Monster Bash Program Director) was a figure to represent the epitome of the love of the classic horror and science fiction film genre. What better way than to have Forrest J Ackeman's image represent that. Forrest Ackerman created a bond in the 1960s and 1970s of the fans of these films of fantasy. Through Famous Monsters Magazine in that period of time, he brought the concepts of preserving, collecting, and sharing classic movies to the table.

The concept of Forry Ackerman and Frankenstein was given to Daniel Horne. Daniel ran with the idea...tying in a bit of Jack Davis' Frankenstein from the back pages of Famous Monsters in the 1960s and 1970s with Forrest Ackerman...creating a sculpture that has become the Monster Bash Award -- a symbol of a lifetime of preserving classic horror and science fiction films for the ages.

Only two of these will be given per very special people who have made a difference in keeping these movies alive.


The People That Make A Difference

Lifetime Achievements in Keeping Classic Horror & Science Fiction Films Alive


Forrest J Ackerman 2007

It was with great pride that we presented the very first "Forry" to.....Forry. Forrest J Ackerman, as stated above, was the catalyst for a movement that had incredible impact. The preservation, the awareness, the bonding, and the sharing of love for these classic movies. Enough can't be said about this man's achievements in his lifetime. He brought us all together before the Internet. No easy task. It wasn't just about monsters, it was about the people who made the movies, the collecting, the preserving and the transference of knowledge about a time that was special. Thank you Forrest J Ackerman.


Bob Pellegrino 2007

A name that might not be familiar world wide. But, a man who has spent a lifetime caring about the genre. His impact came in being an instrumental component in the Monster Bash classic film conventions. A series of conventions that has solidified the popularity of the genre movies of the silent era through the 1960s in today's awareness. (Our job will be to continue this awareness). Without Bob, the Monster Bash Classic Movie Conferences would not have been as solid, or as far-reaching. His amazing, unfaltering, perserverence has made Monster Bash something special.


Richard Gordon 2008

Richard Gordon, film producer of FIEND WITHOUT A FACE, THE HAUNTED STRANGLER, CORRIDORS OF BLOOD and so many more. He's worked with Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee...But, it's not just for the wonderful genre films that he brought us that he deseves this lifetime award, But, because he's a true fan of the genre and has helped keep the spirit alive for the ages. The Monster Bash thanks Richard Gordon - movie producer and fan of the films we love.


Dennis Druktenis 2008

When there was no Famous Monsters magazine back after Jim Warren's magazine dwindled away...there was Dennis Druktenis. Not about to let the "Monster Magazine" die came Scary Monsters. For this we are forever grateful. Dennis preserved the monster magazine, kept it coming, and added his own spin of a truly fan based media. Then in 1997 he took Monster Bash to heart and helped the new meeting place of monster fans as an advertising sponsor. The audience was right and Dennis has been such a great help and great friend to Monster Bash. He is honored always with the Monster Bash Award - The Forry.


Ron Chamberlain 2009

Beginning in 2007, spot-on Jack Pierce male-ups returned to public view at the first Monster Bash conference. There was the Frankenstein Monster, The Wolf Man. The Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, and they went on from their encompassing all kinds of classic monster make-ups. These were all done at the hands of Ron Chamberlain. His love for Lon Chaney Sr. and Jack Pierce a driving force. In 2000 he won the Turner Classics Make-Up Award for his Hunchback of Notre Dame that he did on himself for Monster Bash 2000. He has inspired and excited a new generation for the classic movie monsters and make-up. Ron Chamberlain - a true winner in every sense - of The Monster Bash Award, The Forry.


James Clatterbaugh 2009

There are only a few monster magazines that truly care and focus on the classic horror and science fiction films. One of them is MONSTER FROM THE VAULT - the lobor of love from Jim Clatterbaugh. And, it's done in first class fashion. Jim's dedication and love for these films pours from the pages. Even more inportantly, it pours into the hands and vision of others. He truly lifts the genre up and presents new historical facts and information. Not only preserving, but exciting others. His passion is passed on and will continue to do so. Jim really fits the bill with keeping these movies alive, fresh, and lasting. Jim Clatterbaugh, a friend to classic monster fans across the planet - we salute you with The Monster Bash Award - The Forry.


Barb Heiss 2009

There are some people that you might not have heard of. People that work behind-the-scenes. It's time to look behind-the-scenes and give credit to where credit is due. Barb Heiss has worked endless hours, sacrificed many weekends every year, traveled up and down the east coast and mid-west all to help make the Monster Bash Conferences a success. She's the only person I know to have two monster magazines deicated to her: The Famouis Monsters issue she's holding above and an issue of Monster Bash magazine. Her selflessness puts her in that very lmited catagory of true friends of all classic horror and science fiction fans whether they know it or not. Helping send thousand, I mean thousand and thousands, of information flyers out to fans, developing ideas, and inspiring through sheer care and love of the genre. You know her now! She's Barb Heiss and a force behind the Monster Bash Classic Monster Fest and the preservation of the movies. This surprise Forry was for you Barb.


Ron Adams 2009

The Forry Award is given to those who go above and beyond the call of duty in keeping the dreams of monster kids alive and many of us who have attended the Monster Bash over the years have heard Ron Adams sing the praises of many worthy recipients. At the 2009 Bash several members of the staff conspired to award a Forry to Ron himself. Ron Adams has a
marvelous combination of childlike enthusiam and love for the genre, a keen business sense (although quite willing to take risks) and a powerful drive and vision that ultimately gets the job done. He has invited so many people to join him in the adventure of the Bash giving many of us the chance to be creative participants and all of us permission to dream. If the Forry goes to people who work to preserve the love and enjoynment of classic horror, then there are few who would deserve it more than Ron

-Kevin Slick


Michael Thomas 2010

Michael Thomas passed away between the 2009 and 2010 Monster Bash shows. He deserves this memorial recognition in more ways than one. He was first and foremost a total fan of the genre and classic monsters. A wealth of knowledge that put him far into the "expert" category. He knew almost every line from every classic Universal movie and every supporting actor you'd see on screen. He spread the fun and love of these films with everyone that would listen...and laugh, because he had that gift of comedy. He was a natural. He also was a make-up man and Bela Lugosi impersonator second to none. He was, and always will be, the "other Ygor." Above, on the right, is his wife, Christine, accepting Michael's lifetime award. Rest in Peace, my friend. -Ron Adams

Dear Rondo, I wanted to thank you again for the MONSTER BASH AWARD ("The Forry") given to Michael. It looks great on the bookshelf below the photos of Michael as Bela the Gypsy. As I must have told you, Michael always loved going to the Bash. It was his family he was seeing. They completed his sentences, knew all his characters. He could run around and was glad to see the families with their little monsters who loved seeing Ygor. These were the happy days that I'll think about. I miss seeing everyone and I know in my heart that whenever there is a Monster Bash, Michael's spirit will be there!
Love to you, Ursula and Paisley.
Christine Domaniecki


Kevin Clement 2010

This guy has brought more people in the genre of classic monsters than anyone I've ever known, except for Forrest J Ackerman. Kevin is easy going and modest, almost seeming embarrassed by the fact that he has connected so many people that love the classic monster movies. I refer to him as the Monster World's Jimmy Stewart from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. He started the CHILLER THEATRE EXPO just outside of New York City, in New Jersey. His show has grown and he has connected so many people that have started their own shows, helped so many meet their childhood idols, enabled people to reclaim just a little touch of their youth, and spread the love of monster movies, exponentially through the entire United States. He has done this. Thank you Kevin, this MBA's for you.


Cortlandt Hull 2011

Beginning when he was only a teenager, Cortlandt Hull had ideas on preserving the memories of these classic movie monsters that we love. Like us, he was reading Famous Monsters ad watching movies and collecting. But he stepped it up gear, to try to take the genre he loved and get it out their for the general public and to keep awareness of these great films going. He created The Witch's Dungeon movie museum in Bristol, Connecticut. Open every October to the public, he's been exciting fans and keep the monsters alive for decades. He's now branched into high quality documentaries focused on the classic movie monsters too. He always says that it's just in his blood. His great Uncle was Henry Hull (WEREWOLF OF LONDON) and his great aunt, Josephine Hull (ARSENIC AND OLD LACE). Cortlandt has spent a lifetime keeping the monsters alive. Our applause and a distant, but distinct, howl from London commend you, Cortlandt.



Michael Adams 2011

Mike Adams is one of us. A kid from the 1970s that grew up with this whole ball of pop culture wax. Movie monsters, Warner Brothers cartoons, MPC monster figures, the Aurora models, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee comic books, Forry Ackerman....But, without him, the Monster Bash Conference itself would never have had the initial fire to burn through the years. A quiet, unassuming guy (with a wicked sense of humor) that is an unsung hero. He's one of the engines that lifts the conference above just an event and makes it something more important. The gathering and friendship of hundred and hundreds of kindred spirits that, as kids, longed to "hang-out" with like-minded friends. They're making up for a lifetime, now at the Monster Bash shows. You have Mike Adams as one of the people that was instrumental and IS instrumental in bring all these people together that have the same love and interests. It's a wonderful life....Michael Adams.



Ray Harryhausen 2012

I was in the Guthrie Theater in Grove City, Pennsylvania in 1966 for a "Kiddie Matinee." I was seven. On the screen came magic. A genie from a lamp that was just about my age, a princess, a hero, a giant monster cyclops, a dragon, an evil magician and a skeleton with a sword! It was a re-release of THE 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD on a giant screen. I didn't know it was a re-release, all I knew was that this was magic. I didn't know at the time that the magic was Ray Harryhausen.

My story is like many others, all in their own way. Being captivated with wonder and imagination by a invisible special effects genius, our wizard behind the curtain. Ray Harryhausen made movies that made us what we are. Carving a little island of wonder that would flourish in our minds forever.

Ray couldn't be present for our presentation, but his friend Mark Mawston accepted on Ray's behalf with a text message relayed from Ray. Matt returned to London and hand delivered the Monster Bash Award ("The Forry"). Above is pictured Ray with his "Forry." So fitting that our award is the image of his childhood friend and co-conspirator in delivering the world of wonder to us all.

Thank you, Ray Harryhausen - you have made a difference in our lives.


(Photo by Mark Mawston, copyright the Ray Harryhausen Foundation)



Mark Statler 2012

Monsters, music, movie stars and Mark Statler Magic. Mark has spent a lifetime in love with pop culture and promoting all the classics films that are dear to us. To hear his soul poured out for the genre, listen to his CD - Mark Statler and His Creepy Classic Chiller Band that he put together with his brother Theron. When you sing songs like "Mystery of the Black Lagoon," you know he's one of us! Mark spreads his goodwill and love wherever he goes and is loved, hmself, by many of the film stars...A big heart and a big boost for our Monster Generation - Mark Statler.


Bert I. Gordon 2012

This goes to the ever deserving man who put BIG monsters on the silver screen for all us kids - Bert I. Gordon. He was nick-named "Mr B.I.G." by Forrest J Ackerman himself. A big man in the genre, a man who's special effects brought us jumbo-sized monsters like THE CYCLOPS, THE SPIDER, THE AMAZING COLOSSAL BEAST, the grasshoppers in BEGINNING OF THE END, KING DINOSAUR, FOOD OF THE GODS, VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS and so many more. Bert is a dear man who has brought that excitement into our lives from the very beginnig. Bert I. Gordon truly is Mr. B.I.G. in our eyes....Forry you were right!


Kevin Slick 2012

A tried and true blue monster kid. He grew up reading Famous Monsters magazine, watching classic Universal movies, catching the CBS Late Movie in the early 1970s for the Friday night Hammer showings and just being one of us who got older, but stayed young with his interests. Kevin's also one of those of us who grew up with music mixing with the monsters...branding him at a young age...he's taken it to a whole new level. Not only has been a professional musician, but he has contributed his talents into the world of classic film too with scoring...well, scores of silent films, creating monster pop/rock songs and performing "Monster Bash Happenings" with a merging of his talents. Kevin Slick makes our Monster World just that much more fun, thank you Kevin.

(Thank you Barb Heiss for the photo)



David Nelson 2012

The MONSTER BASH AWARD ("The Forry") is not just for mainstream movie makers and writers. It's for everyone who supports classic movies of imagination, horror and science fiction. Keeping classic monsters movies of the past alive. It's a struggle as new generations unfold. New media, and sometimes impatience for black and white film, non-widescreen presentations, scratchy prints and story development that may unfold too slowly for a fast and furious younger generation can make it difficult. But, it's the people who have created and try that this award is for.

And, it can come in many different ways. Everyone is unique. Our people have their own unique ways of keeping the monsters alive. David "The Rock" Nelson is one of them. And, maybe the most unique.

For sheer promotional muscle, I can't think of anyone more deserving. He makes movies himself, and whether you like his movies or not. Whether you think he's too abrasive in his talks or salesmanship. It's hard to think of anyone who loves the old classics and reminds you about "monster movies" more. David is a super-powered media maniac. Everyday of my life, unsolicited, I am reminded about monster movies by David Nelson in some way. He uses every media to, with tiring, talk monsters.

For these efforts alone, our hats off to you David Nelson, for being the angry villager that holds the torch up, not to kill the monsters, but to keep them alive.

(Thank you Barb Heiss for the photo)

Above: Daniel Griffith with Monster Bash's Dan Weber. (Photo by Theron Statler).

Daniel Griffith 2013

I met Daniel Griffith at a Monster Bash quite a few years ago. He was just a young guy making a documentary on K. Gordon Murray films that played the matinee circuit back in the 1960s. I thought, wow, this guy's really enthusiastic about such a cool subject THAT I remembered, but was before his time. His love and enthusiasm (and wry sense of humor) poured through on MANY documentaries that were to come.

His attention to detail, and quality of work is so apparent in his work that will forever help preserve the historical importance of the films and pop culture associated with them.

With a huge tip-of-the-hat, Daniel Griffith - Monster Bash Award winner 2013.

-Ron Adams

Above: Anna Marie and her husband Charles Henson at Monster Bash 2013.

Charles Henson 2013

Charles is the videographer for Bash and an amazing film archiver...preserving the history of our beloved movies and television performances. An unassuming master of video and writer. You'll see him at Bash always with video cameras and tripods not far away. His personal archive of film and television appearances of all our favorite actors numbers in the tens of thousands.

Besides creating an amazing reference library, recoding the Monster Bash shows for posterity....he has, of recent years, embarked on making documentaries on the lesser known character actors that we all enjoy. His extensive research is simply amazing. He produces them along with his wife, Anna Marie, narrating. Amazing work, amazing man...a Monster Bash Award well-deserved.


Geoffrey Curtis 2013

One of the biggest 16mm film collectors in the USA, it's Geoffrey Curtis, who has preserved and collected classic monster film over the years. He's dedicated years and care to keeping the soft clicking and clacking of real film screenings going to classic film fans.

A tuly wonderful man who serves up movies at Monster Bash and other film conventions. He's one of a kind with a big heart, a love for movies and always ready to flash a smile, bringing good vibes wherever he goes. Our sincere applause to Geoffrey for being Monster Bash's film man!


(Photo courtesy of Anna Marie Henson).

Dan Weber 2013

While too young to be an original Monster Kid from the Monster Boom Generation, he's a second generation kid. One that goes wy above and beyond. Investing much time, skill and smiles to keep the love for classic monsters going and bridging into today's third generation Monster Kids.

Dan has spent tireless (well maybe not ALL tireless) hours helping make the Monster Bash Conventions come together with hands-on craft, driving, promoting and finding out all about what it means to all of us...preserving these films we all love. Thank you, Dan Weber.


(Photo courtesy of Marian Owens-Clatterbaugh).

Brian Nichols 2014

This guy is the epitome of the Monster Kid! He grew up watching monster movies and has kept it going by inspiring his daughters with monster movies and love. He made his own "Home Made Monster Movies" through all the years of his kids growing up. Brian would have them screened at MONSTER BASH and has touched and inspired others to do things with their kids and to keep the love for "fun" monster movies alive.


(Photo courtesy of Marian Owens-Clatterbaugh).

Kevin Scarpino 2014

Decades on broadcast television as one of the longest running TV Horror Hosts, Keven Scarpino (aka: Son of Ghoul) has touched thousands of viewers and all he meets with a love of growing up with monster movies....He's made it fun with a wild sense of humor that is rooted in a strong hope to keep memory making alive. Keven is also inspiring us first generation Monster Kids never to forget.


(Photo courtesy of Marian Owens-Clatterbaugh).

Lorraine Bush 2014

A woman who has brought Renaissance quality and classic monster movies! Lorraine Bush is such a fine talent and has had many of her pieces of truly fine art (in every sense) to the covers of MONSTER BASH magazine and on private commissions. She never fails to totally capture the essence and spirit of the monsters and the actors that shine behind the make-up. She captures it all and makes the images we love fresh and exciting.


(Photo courtesy of Marian Owens-Clatterbaugh).

Don Reese 2014

A big guy, abigger heart. Don Reese is a stand-up that grew up in the Monster Boom Generation and totally is able to twist his keen observations that both make us laugh, think and remember our own childhood. All with a smile, and more imortantly bringing smiles of joy to all those in his audience. This guy can tie Forrest J Ackerman, Stan Lee, comic books, vampires and sci-fi character actors (like Whit Bissell) into a comedy routine that will, literally, leave you in tears. And your not sure if the tears are from laughter or that longing for those things you love in childhood. It's a sincere, special talent. Thank you, Don.

Jerry Armellino 2016

This guy has probably created more photo opportunities with classic monsters than anyone around. Jerry creatues life size figures of the monstes and displays them for fans from across America at the MONSSTER BASH conferences and in Indiana where he wows hundreds every Halloween season. With the support of his family he houses monsters that he brings to our world. On behalf of a million fans who have snapped photos to remember the monsters..."thank you!"


Deborah Painter 2016

Deborah Painter is a lifelong monster movie fan and writer. She's the one who brough us the book on Forrest J Ackerman: FORRY! She has written numerous articles on the subject of classic monsters and frequently gives talks at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCES.


Zach Zito 2016

An amazing actor/writer/performer who embodies the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price. He performs stage plays based on classic horror short stories and astounds all with his abilities to breath life into words. A deserving spirit who shares his talents with all.


M. Oleman 2016

The biggest "man of mystery" in our Monster Bash Awardees. He has written numerous articles that enlighten and revere the genre. M. Oleman never lets us forget our roots. A "Kingpin" of Monster Kids, whether he'd admit or not. Look for his writing that strike a chord with all of us in Monster Bash Magazine and on various web sites across the web. See "Tales of the Moleman" by M. Oleman by clicking here.



George Chastain 2017

For decades this man has created an underground Forrest J Ackermansion east! One of the greatest collector's of classic film and one of the greatest artists to grace the genre. His bubbling enthusiasm for the strange, weird and wonderful pop culture of the past elevates him as a very deserving recipient of the MONSTER BASH LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. His list of credits could scroll for miles. Forrest J Ackerman would be proud to stand side-by side with George E-Gor" Chastain. This Forry's for you, George.

Tom Savini 2017

He grew up in Pittsburgh and has worked in motion pictures for decades as a mak-up man, special effects creator, director and actor. A Reneaissance man in the world of the horror film. From FRIDAY THE 13th to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD to TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE to CREEPSHOW to....MONSTER BASH. Tom has been at almost every MONSER BASH for 20 years. A supporter of classic monster films and a man of action.

Above: Acror Lary Storch with Leonard Hayhurst (right).

Leonard Hayhurst 2017

From the early days of the MONSTER BASH Leonard Hayhurst has been instrumental in creativity and designing concepts to make classic monster films fun and topical. He currently has redeveloped the "Midnight Spook Shpw" concept for MONSTER BASH. He's been with us through thick and thin promotion MONSTER BASH and our brand of pop culture all over the east coast and mid-west. A deserving trooper the adds special magic to all he does.

Above: Award winners in 2017 - Martin Grams, Leoard Hayhurst and Malcolm Gittins.

Martin Grams 2017

Decades older than he really is. Martin has spent his life perserving classic movies, classic pop culture, classic TV, classic radio drama and written books on it. He's developed the MID-ATLANTIC NOSTAGIA CONVENTION and has supported MONSTER BASH for years. He has left his mark for future generations to relive the pop culture of yesterday.

Above: Linda and Frank Dello Stritto.

Frank Dello Stritto 2017

Typing words is his life. Not just any words, but prose that will keep alive Bela Lugosi, classic horror movies and the 20th century's legacy of horror and science fiction films. The author of VAMPIRE OVER LONDON, A QUAINT AND CURIOUS VOLUME OF FORGOTTEN LORE, I SAW WHAT I SAW WHEN I SAW IT and A WEREWOLF REMEBERS. Frank makes learning about classic horror films fun and interesting. His books reflect that and so do his talks at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCES. An incredible researcher with a sense of humor.

Above: Ron Adams and Ursula Adams present Malcolm with his MONSTER BASH LIFETIME AWARD. Malcolm front and center.

Malcolm Gittins 2017

Malcolm Gittins embodies what is the true spirit of a "Monster Kid!" He grew up with Pittsburgh's CHILLER THEATER, FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine and loving these movies. What makes him so special is that this spirit is shared with unbelieveable enthusiasm through art, writing, photography and in every sentence he speaks. Thanks to Malcolm for NOT letting us forget how much our upbringing with classic monsters means.

Above: Ron Adams with Scott Goettel (right) recieving his MONSTER BASH LIFETIME AWARD.

Scott Goettel 2018

Scott has spent a lifetime of collecting knowledge AND sharing it with others on classic horror and science fiction films. Always quick to help with trivia and history of the films. He's become an instrumental interviewer in the MONSTER BASH conferences with his friendly demeanor and reveling knowledge when talking to actors and actresses. Three cheers for a great guy who documents the films we love with all he meets.

Above: Ron Adams with Scott Goettel (right) recieving his MONSTER BASH LIFETIME AWARD.

Jerry Goodwin 2018

Writer, and super Monster Kid who grew up with monster movies and continues to promote them with all he meets. Jerry is a Pennsylvania native and has authored the book "Full Moon Curse." The book itself takes place at Monster Bash, the conference. Jerry is one of the nicest guys out there and it's completely knowledgeable on the classics. Jerry holds the torch. Below is a photo of the Monster Bash program guide framed, and then the award itself in its display case. This followed by a photo from years ago taken of me with Uncle Forry and finally a picture Diane Mazirczak snapped at the moment your dear wife surprised me with the MBA.


Derek Koch 2018

One of the nicest guys promoting classic monsters on this planet (a few others too, maybe!). Derek runs the fun, informative and loving podcast MONSTER KID RADIO...reaching fans all over the world with the good news on monster movies, monster movie fans, film actors, writers and everything that is great about the genre. Pleaes stand with me to appreciate Derek Koch, Monster Kid through and through.


Steve Thornton 2018

Steve is a writer, musician and lifelong monster movie fan! You can read his insightful and fun articles in MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT and MONSTER BASH magazines. You can see Steve perform at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCES in the house band...he plays one mean lead guitar. Three, make it four, cheers for Steve Thornton!


John Bishop 2018

A long history of monster pop culture wax is the make-up of this Monster Boom Generation kid. John's been a writer, radio announcer for a movie talk show, interviewer of actors and actresses. A walking encyclopedia of monster and cult movies and TV. If you ever have a chance to speak with John, you'll find him capable of talking all angles of horror and science fiction films.

Don Smeraldi 2018

He grew up in Ohio, moved to California with the heart of a Monster Kid. Picking up where Dennis Druktenis left off, Don now is the editor of fan favorite magazine SCARY MONSTERS! The magazines and monster love keep coming!

Joshua Kennedy 2018

As a kid the movie THE GORGON fascinated him....he went to school for film, all the while making his own movies. He is the epitome of the doer, making scores of films and getting them distributed when he was still a teenager. Now he's working with classic Hammer Film actors and actresses. A wicked sense of humor and a load of talent, Joshua Kennedy is keeping the fun of classic horror and science fiction movies alive.

Jim Mahoney 2018

The gracious and humble super fan, Jim Mahoney from Chicago. Jim has spent a lifetime loving classic horror and science fiction. You can find him quietly lurking the halls of the Monster Bash conferences....always ready with a smile and to discuss, in detail, the history of these movies we love. Jim has done the classic monster community a service simply by being himself, with that child wonder still intact! Always willing to share his great knowledge of these films.

David Heywood 2019

Art teacher David Heywood, who spent a career sliding in classic monsters to his lessons for kids, wins a Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Award -- The Forry!

Joey Vento 2019

Joey Vento, along with his wife Diane and daugher Jessica run "The Haunted Barn" movie museum in New York! Joey has collected props and movie memorabila, inspired by his father who had a bit part in THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS. On top of sharing his collection with fans from all over the country at The Haunted Barn and at Monster Bash Conferences, he's also a "Gorilla Man." Always willing to put on his gorilla suit and entertain. Well deserved, Joey.

Richard Klemensen 2019

Richard is the publisher of the long-time running super magazine that's focal point is Hammer Films....THE LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS. He has researched, interviewed and published for decades, creating a monument in the horror idustry. Fandom thanks Richard Klemensen!

Wes Shank 2019

Wes was always there with a smile and happy to share his vast collection of movie props and, of course, he was "The Keeper of The Blob" prop from the 1958 film. A regular at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCES and one of the celebrities in the industry that was, above all, a genuine fan himself. Wes passed away before this award could be presented. His wife, Judi and his sons were there to accept. We all miss Wes.

John Frick 2019

John is a serious student of all things classic monster and the paranormal. He, along with his brother Timothy, have attended every MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE since 1997. They are regulars and very involved with THE MOTHMAN FESTIVAL in Point Pleasant, West Virginia...and that's where this photo was taken! An amazing guy and wealth of knowledge about everything fantastic.

Timothy Frick 2019

Timothy Frick is a writer and amazing encylopedia of the world of science fiction and horror...along with paranormal history. Like his brother, John Frick, Tomothy has been attending MONSTER BASH since the beginning in 1997. The photo above is taken in front of The Mothman statue at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He's holding not only his MONSTER BASH AWARD (The Forry), but a bust of Forrst J Ackerman as The Frankenscience Monster that he acquired from Forrest J Ackerman in 1998.

John Sargent 2019

John Sargent is an artist, art teacher, musician and lifelong monster movie fan. He published MONSTER-ART magazine. Here's what John had to say about his award: "Bash is a family reunion of sorts, about being a special quiet kid that eventually finds their 'tribe' and about being addicted to something since you were eight years old, and for which there is no cure. Yeah, that’s me. An addicted lifer that spent Saturday nights at my grandparents house, watching Chilly Billy, and wrapping tin foil around the rabbit ears to improve TV reception."

Ted Lewczyk 2021

Ted Lewczyk is a life long fan of classic monster films and has taken it to the next level! His profession as an AV radio expert is applied to assisting the MONSER BASH CONFERENCE with technical expertise. He consults and does much hands-on projection, audio work and basic hard labor to help make the MONSTER BASH shows a success. Ted is a soft spoken, but powerful force behind-the-scenes. He truly helps keeps the classic movie monsters alive and well .

Greg Mank 2021

Author of countless books, commentaries and magazine articles, Greg Mank is a researcher and film historian at the uppermost level. You can hear his definitve talks at MONSTER BASH shows and read his books to find out and discover more about the films we love. Greg takes fans on an educational trip creating more interest in films of the past as we move forward. Thank you Gregory Mank from MONSTER BASH and fans around the world.

Above: Monica Moehring, Tim Moehring and Tim's father, Eric Moehring

Tim Moehring 2021

Tim started attending MONSTER BASH shows about two decades ago. He, along with his family are fixytures at the conference, always smiling and happy to be part of the serious monster fandom. But, Tim goes beyond that. He has created a career as a film-maker....doing camera work, writing and direction for independant horror films. He marches on as the current generation of movie producers.


Above: Thom Shubilla displays his "Forry!"

Thom Shubilla 2022

Thom began attending MONSTER BASH when he was just thirteen. Now in his thirties and writing books and magazine articles on classic horror, science fiction films and pop culture TV with his book PRIME TIME 1966-1967. He teaches college in eastern PA. Proof that the films we love are marching in history.


Above: Michael Joynor holds his "Forry Award," honered in 2023.

Michael Joyner 2023

The award is given to those that have gone above and beyond to help keep classic monster movies alive and well. Michael Joyner is a historian, pop culture encyclopedia, he does talks on the life of Edgar Allan Poe...and is always willing to discuss all things classic monster with everyone. Three cheers for Michael Joyner.

The MONSTER BASH AWARD is itself a tribute to Forrest J Ackerman, the grandfather of all us Monster Kids, creating collectors and fans of these movies around the world.


Above: The always smiling Steve Turek, mastermind behind the DieCast Movie Podcast and interviews.

Steven Turek 2023

Steven Turek runs the DieCast Movie Podcast. Where he interviews movie and TV personalities along with promoting classic films and....MONSTER BASH CONFERENCES. Steven is always plugged into the fan base and delivers the goods for those fans all the time. Three thumbs up, Steven!


Above: On stage, actoir, producer and all around Super Monster Kid, Daniel Roebuck.

Daniel Roebuck 2023

This actor, director and producer Daniel Roebuck started (and never finished) being a true blue Monster Kid with a big heart. Entertaining, funny and always showing his sincere enthusiasm for loving the classic monsters and collecting the coolest monster stuff on the planet. Daniel is welcomed with open arms and is so deserving of "The Forry!"


Above: Stunned, it's the modest Nick Pocengal.

Nick Pocengal 2023

One of the biggest Hammer Films fans on the planet. Nick is soft spoken, but never quiet...always willing to chat with fellow fans about Hammer Films, classic Universals, and is researcher into television's monster movie forums and their histories. Congratulations to one great guy...Nick Pocengal.


Dan Wegrzynek 2023

The soft-spoken, but huge classic monster movie fan, Dan Wegrzynek. Always happy to spread the word about classic monsters and the Monster Bash. A true-blue super fan and collector.


Joe Kolakowski 2023

Rabbi Joe Kolakowski is not only a long-time Monster Basher, but a fan and historian of the movies we love. He's done a presentation on dinosaurs in the movies for Bash. He has his whole family involved and loving these classic films. Passing the torch to his children and sharing his knowledge and smiles with all of us.


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