The Patricia Gonzalez Collection

David "The Rock" Nelson meets Pat "Ghoulchick" Gonzalez at Monster Bash 2006.


Presiding on the top's the Mad Monster Party figures, Godzilla and a rubber spider thrown in for good measure!

A cose look at Pat's brain...the brains were made by Michael and Chrustina Thomas at Monster Bash 2007.

A look at the shelves of Ghoulchick! Books, Mad Monster Party figures, creepy photos...delightful!

A peek at Ghoulchic's DVD titles....

When movies had faces! Pat's binders of photos.

I recently purchased a new dvd shelf.  I'm darned proud of my dvds as they reflect the history of classic horror and mystery films from the silent era to the late 1940's.

The new desk display.

Quite the magnetic collection on a cool ghoulchick's refrigerator!

Ghoulchcik Central, live from New York City, she has the cutting edge info. The rat in the mug kicks his legs and moves his tail when you turn it over and makes loud slurping sounds followed by a burp.

A DVD ciollection full of classics!

Ghoulchick's binder of 8X10 glossy photos.

8X10 still samplings.....Warner Oland rules!

Fay Wray 8X10 still photos.

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