The Robert Taylor Collection

Robert Taylor with Forrest J Ackerman at Monster Bash 2006.


From Vincent Price --here's one of his briefcases he carried with him everywhere he went during his lecture and theatrical tours in later decades of his life.

Fritz Lang, Metropolis and some mummies in there too!

A Lon Chaney make-up kit, replicated by Robert with stunning detail!

Ymir meets The Man of a Thousand Faces!

Recognize the faces?!

Why....I'll blast you!

Way cool. Chunks of the Brontosaurus from KING KONG!

Robert's "abnormal brain" with a Boris bust and other goodies.

Here's the halberd/axe that was used in TOWER OF LONDON (39) & THE WOLF MAN (41).  Held by guard in former, held by suit of armor in the Talbot home in latter! In background, left, you see the bottom half of a signed photo of Una O'Connor.  A friend painted the Invisible Man painting at right.

Nice 1940s pressbook for re-release of Dracula and Frankenstein. 

This is an actual crystal from the 1925 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA chandelier--acquired from the George Turner Collection (Mr. Turner acquired this and a few other crystals first-hand!).  The great close-up photo of the chandelier, shown at stage level with workmen--and fallen crystals--I got from Ron Borst.

This is a Carl Laemmle Jr. autograph (above) and a Zita Johann autograph (below)...guarded by a friend from the future!

An original pressbook for Karloff's THE MAN WHO LIVED AGAIN (1936).  Brit. title was THE MAN WHO CHANGED HIS MIND... Beautiful graphics, color!

A "throwaway" handbill for the 1943 FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN--printed on very thin, pink paper, amazing it survived all these years!

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