The Ron Adams Collection

Tami and Ron Adams 1966.


Some of my books.

More books with a rubber-possable dino from Walt Disney World.

A Chaney MAN MADE MONSTER model, Monster Old Maid cards, Jary Lesser KONG dino replicas, movie books and other stuff I love.

Soakies, Rondo Award, KONG Dino replicas by Jary Lesser, plastic dinos that orignally came out in the 50s-60s and books.

My inanimate pets, Max the armadillo and Boris the gargoyle.

Piles in my office. KONG poster repro, Tom Tyler mummy mask with hat on, BRIDE mask, notebooks full of 8X10 photos I use for Monster Bash magazine., weird rubber Frankie and Creature figure.

Commemorative FM mock cover by George Chastain, "Monster Mash" framed 45RPM from Gerry Goodwin, Lon Jr. pcture with Ron Chaney autograph, Lon Sr. pic under my light, pictures by my daughter of various monsters...

Me working on Monster Bash badges.

The 6 foor skeleton in my closet.

Painting of Boris as the monster that I did and a glimpse of stock at Creepy Classics.

Packing table and a shot of more stock at Creepy Classics. Notice wolf man cane repro from Dave Hagan above and cool Frankenstein plastic figure on packing table.


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