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Marriott Pittsburgh North, Cranberry Township-Mars, PA

***All films shown that are in print will be available for sale on site, from the legal copyright owners. See a display of MCA/Universal product, Columbia Tri-Star, MGM Home Video, Criterion, Image, Fox and others.

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Please note that guests, and programming, are subject to change...and that some guest will be leaving early Sunday to catch flights.


WORK IN PROGRESS for the July 2024 programming in spring 2024.

THURSDAY July 18, 2024

Pre-Bash: For people coming in early for Monster Bash, Ron Adams will run rare films in the afternoon and then projectionist Geoffrey Curtis will be doing his un-announced MYSTERY MOVIES! Screening various 16mm films through the evening at various times.


FRIDAY July 19, 2024



9:00 AM - 16mm FILM: MONSTERS WE'VE KNOWN AND LOVED. It's our traditional opening short film. A documentary produced back in 1964. A look at the classics from the early days through the eyes of 1964. Narrated by Joseph Cotten. Introduced with a welcome to the Monster Bash by Ron Adams.


10:00 AM - MOVIE: JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH (1959). Stars James Mason, Pat Boone, Arlene Dahl and MONSTER BASH guest, Diane Baker. The Jules Verne tale of a professor and his student that have an incrdible journey. Deep in the bowels of the earth another world unaffected for millions of years exists. So vast, it has a luminous sky, trees and mountains. But, here there be dinosaurs too! Or, at least one of the best jobs of acting done by lizards! Fun stuff for everyone who is still a kid at heart.


12:30 PM - MOVIE: SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE MEN (1951). George Reeves and Phyllis Coates star as Superman and Lois Lane. Plus, it's MONSTER BASH guest Beverly Washburn in an early role. This film was released theatrically as SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE MEN. This is the two episodes that made up the film: UNKNOWN PEOPLE Parts 1 and 2. Underground creatures (the Mole Men) terrorize a small community....Clark Kent, and Superman, are on the case, faster than...well, you know! 16mm print courtesy of the Keven Scarpino Collection.


1:30 PM - Q&A: BEVERLY WASHBURN. Iconic child actress that continued on as an adult in an amazing resume of classic films and TV. She is a treasure and Monster Bash loves her. Beverly has worked with everyone from Lon Chaney Jr., Lou Costello, George Reeves, Milton Berle, Boris Karloff, Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker, Chuck Conners, Tommy Kirk, Alan Ladd, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy...the list just goes on and on. From OLD YELLER to SPIDER BABY, she has done it all and lived to tell. She's always happy to talk with you about her career and the stories from the sets. Pick up her book, she'll sign it for you....REEL TEARS! This Q&A moderated by John Bishop.


2:00 PM - MOVIE: THE BRUTE MAN (1946) introduced by TV Horror Host Mr. Lobo with Dixie! Stars Rondo Hatton and Jane Adams. The original of Rondo Hatton's Creeper character! He's in a terrible chemical explosion and the rest is history. Out for revenge, he holes up in a hidden room beneath the docks. Coming out at night to kill. He befriends a blind girl who assists him in evading the police.


3:00 PM - DEALER BALLROOM OPENS! Get the creepy cool collectibles you want before some other Monster Kid gets them!


3:30 PM - TALK & PRESENTATION: CARL LAEMMLE, JR. & UNIVERSAL HORROR. Julian Stone, author and historian presents the story od Carl Laemmle, Jr. -- the man that brough classic monsters to Universal Studios! Julian's book IT'S ALIVE!, is a vibrant portrait of 1930s Hollywood centered around the chaotic and exciting days just before the filming of the beloved classic film Frankenstein.


4:30 PM - MOVE: THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933) in color! James Whale directs this fantasy-horror masterpiece with Claude Rains. A man discovers invisibility; the cost - his sanity. Dark humor and great pacing make this a timeless gem.


6:00 PM - Q&A: JESSICA RAINS. What was it like growing up with The Invisible Man...and iconic actor from CASABLACA and so many more great, great films? Plus, Jessica also has quite an acting resume. She was in SCREAM PRETTY PEGGY, IRONSIDE with Raymond Burr, Woody Allen's SLEEPER, WONDER WOMAN, MARY HARTMAN, THE STING, CANNON and so much more. Moderated by Ron Adams.


6:30 PM - THREE STOOGES THEATER with TV Horror Host SON OF GHOUL. The selections will include SPOOKS in 3-D (3-D glasses will be handed out!). Kicking off Friday evening at MONSTER BASH it's TV Horror Host Legend "Son of Ghoul." Not only does he host horror movies on TV, he is quite The Three Stooges expert. He will present three spooky, fun Stooge shorts to get you laughing your way into Friday evening at Bash! Please check your pies at the door.


8:30PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick! Only a half hour left for shopping in the Dealer Ballroom today. If you don't get it now, you might never see that item again! The Dealer Ballroom closes at 9PM today.


7:30 PM - MOVE: TOMB OF LIGEIA (1964). Stars Vincent Price and MONSTER BASH guest Elizabeth Shepherd. Vincent Price's final Poe film with director Roger Corman. A lush movie shot in England and includes real ruins. A story of the supernatural and murder.


9:00 PM - Q&A: ELIZABETH SHEPHERD. Known for her starring role in Roger Corman's TOMB OF LIGEIA with Vincent Price! But she's done so much more. Her credits, just skimming the surface, include: TALES OF MYSTERY, SUSPENSE, MACBETH, DAMIEN: OMEN II, LOVE AND MARRIAGE, SILVER SURFER, TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER, LAW & ORDER, and even more. Moderated by John Bishop.


9:30 PM - MUSIC: THE BASH BOYS. Time to take a break from the movies and plug into The Bash Boys for some great old time rock and roll. Your favorite music from the 1960s and 1970s will fill the air in the event room. It's Bash staffers and serious monster movie fans to flash you back with the music you loved on the radio as a kid.


Above: Santo tunes into MONSTER BASH MEXICAN MOVIE NIGHT host Host Thom Shubilla!

10:30 PM - MEXICAN MONSTER NIGHT: SAMSON IN THE WAX MUSEUM (1963). The Beatles were making it big on the radio, but the Saturday afternoon TV was rocking with Samson (Santo) movies. A Mexican masked super-hero wrestler stumbles onto a mad scientist whose got "master plans!" The doc runs a wax museum full figures with bad reputations. Included are the Frankenstein monster (looking a lot like Karloff) and a Mr. Hyde. Are they really just wax figures? Filmed in 1963 and released to USA TV in 1964. In English. On 16mm from the Hugh Thomas Collection. Free tacos handed out before the film, while supplies last.


12:00 Midnight - MONSTER BASH LATE SHOW: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (1959) in 3-D! Vincent Price as a millionaire who has a Halloween party! He invites people he doesn't know to spend a night in a haunted house. He awards a cash prize for anyone who can make it through. Elisha Cook Jr. as a nervous wreck is wonderful. One of director William Castle's absolute best! 3-D glasses will be passed out before the movue starts. Get there early.




SATURDAY June 17, 2023



8:00 AM: SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS & CEREAL. Cartoons for kids of all ages. Plus, FREE cereal is passed out to the audience...just the way Saturday morning used to be growing up...cartoons and cereal. Presented by TV horror host SON OF GHOUL!


9:00 AM - TV SHOW: THE NIGHT OF THE GOLDEN COBRA (1966). James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) are up against Mr. Singh (Boris Karloff) and MONSTER BASH guest of honor Audrey Dalton plays Veda Singh. This was the first episode of WILD WILD WEST shot in gorgeous full color.


10:00 AM - TV SHOW: WAGON TRAIN - THE TOBIAS JONES STORY (1958) The amazing Beverly Washburn co-stars with Lou Costello (in his only dramatic role) in this touching drama. If you haven't seen this before...it's a "must see" at Bash. Not only is Lou Costello really, really great as an alcoholic, but Beverly Washburn is outstanding in this touching WAGON TRAIN episode.


10:00 AM - DEALER BALLROOM OPENS! Get the creepy cool collectibles you want before some other Monster Kid gets them!


11:00 AM - Q&A: BEVERLY WASHBURN. She's worked with almost everyone in Hollywood from Lon Chaney, Jr. to Boris Karloff to Dorothy McGuire to William Shatner to Jack Benny. She has the stories. Help MONSTER BASH celebrate this woman's magnificent career and sit in on this spotlight Q&A. Moderated by Ursula Adams.


11:30 AM - TV SHOW: THRILLER - THE PREDICTION (1960) A phony psychic (Boris Karloff) who, inexplicably, suddenly can predict the future. His visions include something horrible for his lovely assistant (Audrey Dalton). A wonderful episode and MONSTER BASH guest of honor Audrey Dalton is terrific.


12:30 PM - TALK: STRANGE ASPECTS OF THE ELUSIVE BIGFOOT By Stan Gordon. Renowned UFO andf Bigfoot researcher Stan Gordon talks on the latest finding in the world of UFO study in a power point presentation. From the Navy "Tic Tack" videos to the possibility of the Bigfoot issues originatng from space or other dimensions. Get ready to have your mind blown wth the possibilites and accounts.


1:30 PM - MOVIE: THE MUMMY'S HAND (1940). Lots of action and Tom Tyler is really scary as the Mummy. The effects crew has his eyes "glowing black" in this one and it gave me the "jeepers creepers" as a kid. The cast is wonderful -- Dick Foran, Wally Ford, Peggy Moran, Cecil Kellaway, George Zucco and all the others are very believable and likable. Refresh your knowlege of this film...it will be a focus on the game show with Tom Weaver that follows the film. You could win some great prizes! This film introduced by writer and film historian Rich Scrivani.


3:00 PM - MONSTER BASH BRAIN TWIST QUIZ with Tom Weaver. Get ready to test your skills on classic horror and science fiction films. This rapid fire quiz show can win you great prizes. Hosted by historian and author Tom Weaver.


4:00 PM - TALK: with Greg Mank. OF MICE AND MEN is one of the most powerful and haunting films of all time.  Greg Mank talks about his new book on the film, OF MICE AND MEN. The presentation includes production information from the studio archives, many stills and behind-the-scenes pictures...and, of course, plenty of deserved attention paid to Lon Chaney, Jr., whose performance as Lennie is a beloved and heartbreaking portrayal.  Greg will be selling and signing copies of the book at Monster Bash.. Check out Greg's web site!!

5:00 PM - MOVIE: OF MICE AND MEN (1939). The classic Steinbeck novel brilliantly brought to life on the screen by Lon Chaney Jr. (Lenny), Burgess Meredith (George) and director Lewis Milestone. Two drifters (Meredith & Chaney) take on work at a farm. Chaney, the lovable, but mentally challenged brute doesn't know his own strength (which had got him in big "trouble" in the past). They pair fall into the world of jealousy, the depression and dreams of a better life. Hollywood magic and one of Chaney's finest hours. "Tell it like it's gonna be, George..."


5:30PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick! Only a half hour left for shopping in the Dealer Ballroom today. If you don't get it now, you might never see that item again! Dealer ballroom closes at 6PM.


7:00PM - TV SHOW: THRILLER - HAY-FORK & BILL-HOOK. On the Welsh Border, an old man suspected of witchcraft is gruesomely murdered with a hay-fork and bill-hook. The Scotland Yard inspector investigating has to wade through a morass of superstition to uncover the killer, but when his wife (Audrey Dalton) starts having visions of the Black Dog, harbinger of death, the locals focus their suspicions on her. An atmospheric, creepy episode.


8:00PM - Q&A: AUDREY DALTON. We are honored to have actress Audrey Dalton here at MONSTER BASH. Her credits include THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD (1957), multiple epsodes of Boris Karloff's THRILLER TV show, WILD WILD WEST, William Castle's MR. SARDONICUS, TITANIC (1953), VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, six episodes of WAGON TRAIN, GUNSMOKE, PERRY MASON, DRAGNET and more! Moderated by Ron Adams.


8:30 PM - DOCUMENTARY: MONSTERMANIACS. A documentary about people....well, like all of us! Collectors monster movie memorabilia, written, produced and directed by MONSTER BASH guest of honor, Daniel Roebuck. See collections from the greatest collector's in the world. A fun super special feature. This has only screened at one other film fest, a creepy cool exclusive screening. Introduced by Daniel Roebuck.


9:30 PM - Q&A: DANIEL ROEBUCK. Daniel Roebuck is one unique individual! There are very few like him...a working actor that is also a true blue Monster Kid! This guy grew up just like all of us Monster Bashers. He's gone on to work in the field of film and television. He was in THE RIVER'S EDGE, CAVEGIRL, THE FUGITIVE, FINAL DESTINATION, THE LATE SHIFT (as Jay Leno), THAT'S WHAT I AM, BUBBA HO-TEP, DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, HALLOWEEN and so much more. We remember him on TV shows MATLOCK and LOST. Most recently, he got to a favorite character...."Grandpa" in THE MUNSTERS movie. He is also the beloved horror host "Dr. Shocker!" Moderated by John Bishop.


10:00 PM - LET THEM EAT CAKE! The famous MONSTER BASH cake feeding frenzy. Giant, monster sized sheet cakes are served up by the MONSTER BASH staff to fans for as long as it lasts. Think ahead...chocolate or yellow cake...some hard decisions! A a nice break and the kick-off for Saturday night MONSTER BASH madness. Head for the front of the lobby!


10:30 PM - MONSTER BASH UNDER THE STARS MOVIE: THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD (1957) Radiation brings to life an underwater mollusk/caterpillar that grows to enormous (heck, monsterous) proportions. THIS was a great Saturday night flick on TV with all the neighborhood kids huddled around the TV. Let's relive those days with a Monster Bash Flashback! This screening will happen behind The Courtyard Hotel on the grassy area near the pool. The Courtyard has become part of our MONSTER BASH campus. The Courtyard is about 400 feet from the back of the host hotel (The Marrriott).


Above: The prize toss, besides beach balls, get ready for the flinging of free DVDs, Blu-Rays, Monster Magazines, Monster Toys and more!

12:00 MIDNIGHT BIG EVENT - THE MONSTER BASH "FESTIVAL OF THE NEW WINE Song." A Monster Bash tradition. Bob Pellegrino sings the "Festival of the New Wine" from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. Plus, the great free prize toss, this year featuring magazines, blu-rays, DVDs, and just plain cool Monster Kid stuff. WARNING: If you do not wish to get hit by flying free stuff, do not stay in the room for this event. Enter and stay at your own risk. We'll kick off the midnight fun with the Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Awards too!


12:15 AM - THE LATE MOVIE: THE DEVIL COMMANDS (1941). Boris Karloff starred in many a mad doctor film, in particular for Columbia studios in the 1940s. But, the one that has always stood out as an all our horror movie is THE DEVIL COMMANDS (1941). An amazing conglomeration of science, supernatural, insane angst and all out eerie scenes. In fact his machine to capture lost souls with dead bodies in a metal suits with a whirling tornado of ghosts brings up visions of the climax in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC. A hurricane of other-worldly power. Introduced bt film historian and authot Tom Weaver.


1:30AM MONSTER BASH REALLY, REALLY LATE SHOW: THE MUMMY CREEPS. A short movie by renegade filmmaker David "The Rock" Nelson! He's wild, he's wacky, he really makes monster movies....He's "The Rock." David will introduce his short movie. You can never be prepared for this.


SUNDAY June 18, 2023





MAKE THIS YOUR LAST CHANCE SHOPPING DAY! YOU MIGHT NEVER SEE THOSE COOL ITEMS IN THE DEALER ROOM AGAIN. Sunday is shopping day at BASH. In between our final great programming you have to hit the dealer ballroom. Hurry before that person that was next to you in the hallways gets that rare item you really wanted!

Note: Some guests will be catching flights, so get your autographs early.


8:00 AM - MONSTER BASH CHURCH SERVICE . Father Mike Paraniuk will give the service at Monster Bash. All denominations are welcome. Father Mike is a priest from Ohio. Attendees don't have to go out looking for a church. We do it here with all your friends and Monster Bash family. Music by Steven Thornton, John Sargent and Ursula Adams.


9:00 AM - SUNDAY MORNING FILM SHORTS. Three short films of the Little Rascals (Our Gang) canon. Presented by -- Ohio TV Horror Host and fellow Monster Kid brother -- Son of Ghoul.


10:00 AM - LIVE GAME SHOW: MONSTER MATCH GAME (1945). Remember the old MATCH GAME TV show? Well now it's done with classic monster movies! Your hosts are Leonard Hayhurst and Thom Shubilla. You could participate and win prizes! Don't miss the fun! This show is back inside the event room.


11:00 AM - MOVIE: THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (1972). The amazing retored version. Stars many people from the town of Fouke, Arkansas. This is THE iconic Bigfoot movie. A bigfoot-like hairy giant is said to roam the swamps and forest near a small town in Arkansas. The film is a series of "re-created" actual events and interviews from the people who have claimed to encountered the beast. Semi-documentary, semi-drama of an unknown monster. A very nostalgic feel, especially the opening with a kid in the early 1970s running across fields. Introduced by Mike Adams.


12:30 PM - Q&A: PAMULA PIERCE. The dauhter of THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK director Charles B. Pierce and actress in the film. PamULA was the one who worked hard to get her father's film beautifully restored. She has amazing history about the film and the behind-the-scenes drama of the wotld's greatest and most recognized Bigfoot films. Moderated by John Bishop.


1:00 PM - MOVIE: ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948) in LIVING COLOR. The classic, beloved Abbott and Costello film like you've never seen it before! Fully colorized from start to finish. You'll be stunned to see this rip roarin' romp in full color. A fan labor of love that will stun you....it's like you've never seen it before!


2:30 PM - Q&A: LYNNE LUGOSI. Don't dare miss this spotlight Q&A with Bela Lugosi's grandaughter! She has the family stories and legends. Plus she can reveal to you the amazing new Lugosi projects that are coming our way. Bela Lugosi lives eternal. Moderated by Bob Pellegrino.


3:30 PM - FORGOTTEN FEATURE FILM: THE SMILING GHOST (1941). One of the few successful comedy-horror mixes. A good natured young man is hired to "appear to be" marrying a wealthy young woman. Of course, there's a series of hitches and reasons that involve a haunting. The smiling ghost is not at all funny, but a glowing hideous faced creature that lurks and kills. Scary underlighting and some real shocks with the ghost. A cast of great character actors including David (THE MAD GHOUL) Bruce.


4:30 PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick!

Please note that guests, and programming, are subject to change.

Our Spotlight Museum Piece! For MONSTER BASH June 2023, A 1933 Original KING KONG Pressbook

This scarce, we believe only a couple still in existence, KING KONG (1933) pressbook will only be available for sale at MONSTER BASH in June. You can see it in the Original Movie Poster Room at MONSTER BASH for as long as it's available. If you know a serious original movie poster and theater paper collector, let them know. It's a once in a lifetime item. Sign-up to be at MONSTER BASH, the classic monster movie conference now, CLICK HERE.

KING KONG (1933) - Giant-size Original 1933 Pressbook
This amazing museum piece will be on sale, in person for your examination, at MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE June 2023. There are very few surviving copies of this oversize pressbook from 1933. Full color. Color still vibrant. Chips and tears. Many pages! Get your membership to Bash to see this in person. Not available mail order.

Here are more images:

See and get the opportunity to buy this, while it lasts, at MONSTER BASH June 16-18, 2023. Get you membership admission now. It will be on display, until it sells, in our Original Movie Poster Room.


For infomation on October 13-15, 2023 MONSTER BASH at the Marriott Pittsburgh North, CLICK HERE.

We'll see you again in August 2023 at the INVASION OF MONSTER BASH MOVIE MARATHON in Canton, Ohio at the grand PALACE THEATRE (see photo below!) with vendors and giant screen movies!

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