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***All films shown that are in print will be available for sale on site, from the legal copyright owners. See a display of MCA/Universal product, Kino-Lorber, Columbia Tri-Star, MGM Home Video, Criterion, Image, Fox and others.

All films screened at an historic, grand theatre: The Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio.

Seating over 1500, The Palace Theatre. Vendors in the lobby and mezzanine level.

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Friday - Saturday, August 12-13, 2022

Friday, August 12, 2022

Dealers in lobby and on mezzanine level HOURS 3PM - 12:00 Midnight

3:00 PM - MIDNIGHT: CLASSIC MONSTER VENDORS. Blu-Rays, rare DVDs, t-shirts, posters, model kits, toys, rare collectibles and more! The vendors are open from three in the afternoon until 12 Midnight. So you can shop before the movies and in between films on intermissions. Note: there is no elevator and vendors are one flight of stairs up.

5PM MOVIE: DRACULA (1931). A classic. The actors are believable and the whole film can put you in a trance of uneasiness. Dwight Frye as Renfield is electric, Helen Chandler is beautiful and frail as the Count's victim, David Manners is frustrated and righteous, Edward Van Sloan as Van Helsing is the quintessential hope that we look to....and Bela Lugosi became an icon stamped in the minds of movie-goers forever with this film.

7PM MOVIE: CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (1932). Bela Lugosi as Roxor tries to thwart do-gooder Chandu. Lugosi excels as the villain. Nicely filmed with cool sets and a killer-diller death ray!

9PM TALK & POWER POINT PRESENTATION: “Not Even A Single Lifetime”: Writer & historian Frank Dello Stritto takes us through Lugosi’s early life in Europe, his rise in America to fame as “Dracula,” and his appearance in a series of classic 1930s horror films. Lugosi’s stardom, and the Golden Age of Horror Films end abruptly when censorship drives movie horror into eclipse.

10PM MOVIE: ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932). A great horror flick that was banned in England for years. No one will top Charles Laughton as the seedy-genius who turns beasts in to man-beasts on a remote island. Young Kathleen Burke won the role of the leopard woman, literally. She won a contest to be in the film and is terrific! Bela Lugosi shines as "The Wolf Man" and Sayer of the Law for the misshapen monsters.

12 MIDNIGHT MOVIE: MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935). A tale of a vampire, and his daughter, sucking a village dry. A murder mystery twist and lots of fun and great thirties atmosphere. An unrelenting soundtrack of howling wind that adds to the nightmarish quality of the film. Stars Bela Lugosi, Carol Borland, Lionel Atwill and Lionel Barrymore. A scene of the female vampire (Luna) flying within the high ceilinged castle/mansion is brief, but haunting. Directed by Tod Browning.

Above: An attendee heads to the spooky balcony at The Palace!

SATURDAY August 13, 2022

Dealers in lobby and on mezzanine level HOURS 12 noon - 12 Midnight

12:00 NOON - MIDNIGHT: CLASSIC MONSTER VENDORS. Blu-Rays, rare DVDs, t-shirts, posters, model kits, toys, rare collectibles and more! The vendors are open from noon until 12 Midnight. So you can shop before the movies and in between films on intermissions.

2PM MOVIE: THE DEVIL BAT (1940). This flick features Lugosi hell-bent on revenge from people making profits on his inventions. He uses giant killer bats and a special aftershave that attracts them. He gives the aftershave to his enemies and... "Goodbyeeeee."

4PM MOVIE: NIGHT MONSTER (1942). A mystery-supernatural chiller from Universal Studios. Watch out for murder and terror when the frogs and crickets stop chirping...there's a monster afoot. There's a memorable scene of a skeleton that is materialized out of thin air...holding a small coffin and dripping blood. Bela Lugosi's a butler....maybe the "Night Monster" himself? Lional Atwill's a bull-headed doctor.

6PM TALK & POWER POINT PRESENTATION: “Show The World That I Can Be Its Master”: Frank returns to tell of Lugosi’s last decades. His career revives with  “Son of Frankenstein.” He endured a long decline in the 1940s but  continued delivering unforgettable performances. Lugosi sustained himself through scarce film roles, stage, radio, television, and eight month tour of Britain. After his death in 1956, his legacy grew, making him one of the 20th Century’s most iconic figures.

7PM MOVIE: THE RETURN OF THE VAMPIRE (1943). It's England during World War II and Lugosi's back as a full throttle vampire. He's got a werewolf assistant and is out for revenge. One of the great roles for Lugosi. Lots of fun.

9PM MOVIE: BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1956). Bela Lugosi in his last speaking role is terrific in this Ed Wood opus. This is the one with the rubber octopus and Tor Johnson getting whipped by Lugosi! Outrageous fun.

11PM MOVIE: ED WOOD (1994). A Hollywood fairy tale, a sheer masterpiece. Filmed in black & white, director Tim Burton captures the enthusiasm and love of B-pictures to a "T." Martin Landau is brilliant as Bela Lugosi.

1:00AM FREE PRIZE TOSS! To wrap up another great Palace Theatre MONSTER BASH with Creepy Classics, it's the free prize toss. Right after ED WOOD, Creepy Classics will toss from the stage free DVDs, blu-rays, monster magazines and fun monster toys to the audience as a thank you. Catch what you can.

Above: The Palace Theatre's Jay Spencer fills the venue with resounding music.

Classic movies on the big screen, classic monster collectible vendors, popcorn, pizza, live organ music between features and good times!



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