The Stephen Marcum Collection

Stephen is a big autograph collector, fan of The Munsters, antique Halloween memorabilia and, in general, the whole retro monster experience! He can be found frequently roaming the halls at Monster Bash.


Look familiar? It's Grandpa's chair from The Munsters...or, at least a right-on reproduction, built by Stephen.

More details from Grandpa Munster's chair.

More close-ups of the chair with some other cool goodies off to the side and in the background. Note from Stephen: There is a frame attached on the back of the chair with a matted B/W photo of Al Lewis (as GRANDPA sitting in then original show chair, along with Eddie). Below it is a really nice 3 X 5 white index card that Al signed back in 1995 where he also added "Grandpa Munster" (just below his signature). This was obtained at the 1995 "Son of Famous Monsters" convention (in Los Angeles, CA).

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