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Do you have old Halloween photos when you were Trick-or-Treating? If you'd like to seet hem posted here, send them to: Dig 'em up, scan them and attach them to an e-mail.


The above lead photo is Anthony and Mike Dimesa. Here's what Mike wrote to me:

Ron, Just found this picture. Me (on the right and my cousin Anthony) just "ghouling" around circa 1973. My parents never took Halloween photos but I remember when I was four wearing my Frankenstein costume and wondering "if I'm Frankenstein, why am I wearing a picture of myself on my costume?" Even at four years old I questioned the rules of the Halloween costume world. Best regards, Mike Dimesa


Hi Ron. Happy Halloween! If it's not too late, here's one my mom found of me as a homemade Drac from the mid 70s, fangs and all. Mom made the cape and the shirt and I thought it was so cool. Loved those plastic vampire fangs. Vampires were big amongst the kids even then what with the Lugosi and Lee Drac films showing on the NYC TV channels a lot back then. I used to have a Lugosi Dracula action figure as well, similar in size to the Mego super hero action figures popular then, from around that time. -Nick Posengal, Florida.


From the kitchen of Vincent Price. Vincent with daughter Victoria.


Vincent Price, with daughter Victoria, at a Halloween party gone by. Victoria sent this. She's a frequent guest at MONSTER BASH!


Hey Ron, My brother sent this foto from 1969. I am the little Astronaut, my middle brother is from the Rat Patrol, and my oldest has authentic lederhosen! - Ken Blose, Mexico


Kimberly King and some friend's kids on our way to Trick or Treat. Halloween 1988.


David King, with sons Chris and Andrew on their way to Halloween. Halloween 1989.


Photo "1975" is Kim Freeman King, center, dressed as a mummy. Halloween 1975.


David King on Halloween night, Knox, Indiana, 1990


From Ed Watson: That's me as the Scarecrow, friend Steve as the Ape Man with pillow case full of Halloween loot. Plastic fruit on coffee table still in use at my mom's house.


Hi Ron- Here's a photo of Marian as a ghost from a Halloween past. -Best, Jim Clatterbaugh

It's a ghost in the cornfield...don't get to close, this one moves! It's Bride of the MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT!


Hey Ron, For me the perfect Halloween movie is Night of the Living Dead. Who can forget Johnny´s Trick or Treat when he lunges in to finally get Barbra! One year I went as a zombie, bullet hole and all. Here I am with my friend Dave, who was dressed as a mummy. Halloween in Eugene Oregon in the 70s was a blast! -Ken Blose



A young Richard Sheffield ready for the best time of the year! Richard was a friend of Bela Lugosi's in the latter years of Bela's life. You can see how much Richard was caught-up in the Bela Experience! Great photo.


Another great photo of Richard Sheffield. This time as the Werewolf of London. Move over Henry Hull.


This was a Halloween picture taken of me (Craig), and my very thin friend Mr. Bones, in the early 1960s, who also doubled as a Halloween window decoration. (Notice scotch tape sticking from his head.) It looks like I was in my pajamas, but I just couldn't wait get into the Trick or Treat
mode, either that or I had a very bad accident that morning. - Count Craigula


Marian Clatterbaugh (right) and sister Julie (left). A "Ben Franklin" trick-or-treat bag! Submitted by Jim Clatterbaugh (Marian's husband), editor of Monster From the Vault magazine!


Lenny Simonelli as Dracula and his dad, Al Simonelli is the victim.  The year was 1979. Great pictures!


Arthur (on left) and Paul (on right) Simonelli from 1964. Submitted by Lenny Simonelli.


Cathy Spisak decks outthe Spisak House!

A Spisak Family Halloween! Notice the giant spider on the roof!
Karl Spisak gets all wrapped up in Hallween fort he Trick-Or-Treaters!


Dare you enter this house on Halloween? Trick-Or-Treaters beware...there may be "tricks" for you! A house NOT to miss on Lafayette Street in Valparaiso, Indiana! The Armellino haunted house. Wasn't there at least one house in every town that was THE house to work up the nerve to Trick-Or-Treat at?!


Carla from Halloween 1994!


Janice Adams, circa Halloween 1951.
Halloween 1949 with a friend and Janice Adams.


Liana and Briana Nichols - The Spider Sisters
The Nichols Family 1997


The Phantom of Indiana - Brian Nichols 1973!
Brian "Super" Nichols from Halloween 1970!


A 1970 Halloween photo  of myself (Mark Gillespie) as the day-glo gorilla and my friend Billy  as the pirate. I believe my mom purchased the gorilla costume from  Sears (it doubled as a pair of pajamas for the rest of the year).
Stephen Marcum, Halloween 1970. It was taken outside my Grandparents house a few hours before I got t go out Trick-Or-Treating for the first time. It may not look like much, but it's still quiet cherished with me.


1966 - Halloween at Cortlandt Hull's house. The first year that The Witch's Dungeon Museum opened (near Cortlandt's house). Here's what Cortlandt says: "The wooden monster cut- outs I did, was from the first year we opened The Witch's Dungeon,  1966, not too bad for a 13 year old, but after a couple years I was ashamed of them, as I could  do better."


Cortlandt Hull's home display from the 1960s. Note: The Aurora Phantom presiding over the occasion! Cortlandt runs The Witch's Dungeon Museum in Connecticut. From Cortlandt: Although I  don't have one handy of me in costume, although I know there's some shots of me somewhere as Captain Hook,  Frankenstein & Maleficent (from "Sleeping Beauty" - hey, she was an evil witch), we do have some  shots of how our house was decorated for Halloween in the 1960's, thought you may enjoy.


The house at The Witch's Dungeon.
Witch's, pumpkin and one screaming skull!


Monster Kid Nicole sent in by her dad. Aaaaaaaah, Happy Halloween!


Charles and Anna Marie Henson in 1973 at a park dress-up! You gotta love leopard skin designs.


This was submitted by Scott Goetell from an unknown trick-or-treater! HA! Spider-dog.


Miss Drac ready to rock in 1979!
Miss Drac and her cousin in 1983. Plastic jack-o-laterns ready to go!


Halloween 1963 with Eddie and Barb Heiss. Eddie as the Frankenstein Monster and Barb....I'm not sure...the Queen of Outer Space?


Trick or Treat 1961 - Eddie and Barb Heiss. Arrrr, Eddie's the Pirate and Barb's Dennis the Menace. Check out that refrigerator!
Another picture of Barb and Eddie with their Great Grandfather in Altoona, PA.


Monster Bash comedian Don Reese! Don just e-mailed and said this is his Doctor Solar Halloween costune! Charles Henson provided the pic.


Whoah! What's this! Not exactly retro, but it was so stange that we had to add this submission. It's "Senor Latte," at a Halloween Party.


Musician/songwriter John Babcock in the mid sixties as a gnome. John is "Paul" in the Epcot Center "Beatle Band," The British Invasion. His CD "Chiller Theatre" is available here at Creepy Classics.


"HH Wolfman" as Frankenstein's monster 1967! I can feel tht cold/clammy sweat behind that mask.
Uncle Dicky looks on at "HH Wolfman" and his cousin Wendy, Around 1969.


Scott and Erick Bognar from 1972. I remember those kind of lamps! Peace Batman!
"HH Wolfman" from around 1970.


Paul, Perry and Carmen Edelbergs 1966. Is that the HORROR OF PARTY BEACH monster mask that Perry is wearing?!
Andy and Max Cheney 1966. Plastic jack-o-lanterns ready to be loaded!


Charles Henson and his sister 1959
Pat "Ghoulchick" Gonzalez around 1980


Ron Adams 1968

Tami and Ron Adams 1970

Do you have old Halloween photos when you were Trick-or-Treating? If you'd like to seet hem posted here, send them to: Dig 'em up, scan them and attach them to an e-mail.

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