It's a film festival. A place to meet the people in the movies, behind the movies and fellow fans of the movies. A series of events celebrating classic horror and science fiction films. And, a monster memorabilia shopping center.


The Monster Bash Movie Convention is even more. It's a state of mind. A place, like Skull Island, where our imaginations were ignited and still burn behind our everyday jobs and life. The Bash is Forrest Ackerman's classic monster magazine, the local TV Horror Host, the Aurora monster models, the monster toys of all shapes and plastics.... It's a place when Halloween was eagerly awaited. It's the horror and science fiction paperback collections, and most of all it is...the movies.


The Bash is an appreciation of these fun movies that we love to be entertained by. Whether it's THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN or THE KILLER SHREWS, if you have fun watching it...that's what it's all about. A celebration of monster movies.

The "Monster Boomers" and their Monster Kids -- are coming from across the nation and the world...to Monster Bash. The Internet has made the neighborhood smaller. Instead of just one or two friends in the neighborhood that love monster movies, there are thousands now. Make new/old friends and enjoy the Monster Bash Convention.

Let's Bash.

-Ron Adams
Monster Bash Program Director

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