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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Thursday July 28 - Monday Augisu 1, 2016

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: Cowboys and dinosaurs -- you gotta love it! It's THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN (1956)! Get it on DVD/Blu-Ray double pack right here at Creepy Classics.

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FRIDAY and SATURDAY, July 29-July 30, 2016

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Outer Space and Beneath the Ohio!

Creepy Classics - Monster Bash Will Be There In the Lobby!

Coming August 27th to The Canton Palace Theatre in Ohio, two great science fiction classics on the big screen! Here's more from the Jay at the theatre:

Hi, Just wanted to let you know... thought you might be interested. The Canton Palace Theatre in Canton Ohio is having a Sci-Fi Double feature night August 27, 2016. Forbidden Planet, and It Came from Beneath the Sea. I'm trying to let people know that would love these movies like I do. I'm the Theatre organist there, and arranged it.

Here's the theatre's web site:

On their site, look under "Movies." It's August 27th....and get ready for big screen thrills! And free givewaways from Creepy Classics at Intermission time with live organ music filling the 1500 seat grand theatre!



Monster Bash Hotels Now Taking Reservations For the 20th year anniversary BASH in 2017...

June 23-25, 2017....Mars, PA

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Space Monster Art

This just in from UK artist Robert Townshend:

Hi Ron,

Do hope this finds you well and would say those monsters are keeping you very busy! So heart warming to know that these classics - the originals - are being kept alive and well within the pages of Monster Bash!

Been a while since sending any monster art. Please find attached a colour sketch of Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster from 1965.

A guilty pleasure must say and this rendering of the Martian mutant "Mull" was fun to do.

These classics now reside encoded on the spinning discs of joy and are get rotated regularly along with other gems say, The Giant Gila Monster or, Phantom From Space making up a double bill themed evening...never fails to entertain!

Art is A4 size and acrylics on illustration board.

More soon. Best! -Rob



Creepy Classics/Monster Bash Heading To Canton

THE CANTON PALACE THEATRE: SCI-FI DOUBLE FEATURE - The Canton Palace Theatre, Canton, OH. Saturday, August 27, 2016.

Two of the greatest science fiction films of the 1950s are coming to The Canton Palace Theatre and so is Creepy Classics/Monster Bash! A historic, beautiful, giant palace theatre....a grand place to see some of our favorite movies on the big, big screen. It's FORBIDDEN PLANET (1956) and IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA (1955) and classic sci-fi monsters in the lobby! Here's the web site:

Admission ONLY $8 per person! Creepy Classics/Monster Bash in the lobby, BIG SCREEN classic sci-fi features and live organ intermission! The theatre seats 1500!

More details coming VERY soon. Make our plans to head for Canton, Ohio this August 27, 2016! We are!



Witch's Dungeon 50th Anniversay This Year

This in from the director of the museum, Cortlandt Hull:

Due to our 50th anniversary of "The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum",
am already thinking of October, and Halloween past! My folks loved Halloween
almost as much as I did, I was a lucky kid, and my dad liked to surprise me.

Well, this came the day after Halloween - as it was a Hallmark window display,
not sold to the public, a monster and his cat. Somehow, my dad got this from
the Hallmark store, I believe it is still stored away in the attic, I should look for it.
The monster always reminded me of Chuck Jones' red hairy monster "Gossimer",
or "Rudolph", depending on the cartoon.

I sure wish my folks were here to share
this special October!


Victoria Price Chats with Monster Kid Andy at Monster Bash

A podcast with twelve year old Monster Kid Andy and daughter of Vincent Price, Victoria!




Just Another Day at the Beach

It's summer, the sand is warm and the reading is great. This super beach shot of beach boy Dan Wilson....I mean Weber just came in. Time to take a weekend off, head to your nearest beach, ocean or lake and take some time out to enjoy the good things in a monster magazine.



Above: One of the recipients of this year's Monster Bash Awards, Jerry Armellino, and his family.

Monster Bash Awards 2016

Above, a close-up of the award, designed by Daniel Horne, of Forrest J Ackerman as the Frnkenstein Monster! These awards go to professionals and fans who have helped, in their own unique way, to preserve the movies and the monsters we love.

More on this year's winners coming soon.



Have Motorcycle, Will Bash

Here's a letter from a guy who rides his motorcycle 800 miles to Monster Bash:

Hi Ron,

Finally got caught up here from being gone to Mars PA so I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this year’s Monster Bash. Even though I’m 800 miles from home I never feel alone when I walk in the hotel door Friday morning. This is my 15th year in a row attending your summer extravaganza and I can’t express enough my thanks to you, your family, your staff, special guests, fans and vendors for a weekend that is an escape back to my childhood reading Famous Monsters magazine. I’m planning to be back again in 2017 so my VIP membership is coming to you now. So glad to see your Dad again.

-Rocky from Iowa

Have Motorcycle Will Travel



Letter From Monster Basher

Hi Ron,

Just wanted you to know that I had a blast at Monster Bash! It was monster heaven. I really enjoyed being with other monster fans and meeting some old friends and some new ones...thank goodness for name tags.

The event had something for everyone and a time slot for everyone.

Yes, I was eating a burrito on Mexican night at 11:00pm. My brother just stared at me as I consumed it even as my Bob Evans burger still resided in my stomach from dinner. I caught myself in my room a few times glancing at myself in the mirror, not to check out my shirt for burrito stains or to see if what's left of my hair was in place but to study an authentic grin on myself that could only have been brought on by being someplace monsterously wonderful and knowing you belong there.

Thank you for a great time. (See above photo for evidence)
Best regards,
Mike Dimesa



The Hopped-Up Beatnik Monster Bash

You must check out this wonderful video an beat rant from Jeff Schmich. Monster Kid heart from top to bottom!

Here it is, click to not be uncool:



Victoria Price and Vincent Price

It's Victoria Price with her dad, Vincent! A great photo from Victoria. She's a Monster Bash alumni and make sure to visit her Facebook page on her dad's legacy:



More Photos From MONSTER BASH 2016!

Check out more photos coming in from this summer's MONSTER BASH! You can see the growing Monster Bash Scrapbook Page...just CLICK HERE and return to the world we know as Monster Bash.



Mexican Monster Party

July 2016

By Roberto "Bobb" Cotter author of The Mexican Masked Wrestler & Monster Filmography

Hola amigos, and welcome to the latest installment of the Mexican Monster Party. As I write this, it's a little less than a week to go until the Bash! See you there! (Er, if you read this before the Bash of course) Unfortunately, my new book won't be available for the Bash, but I'll have plenty of pre-order forms for it and yinz all will be able to get a sneak peek at the cover. BTW, the book is called VAMPIRA AND HER DAUGHTERS: WOMEN HOROR MOVIE HOSTS FROM THE 1950'S TO THE INTERNET ERA; and it features a foreword by our old fiend Penny Dreadful. It's scheduled for a Fall release.

Our fiendish feature this month is EL HOMBRE Y EL MONSTRUO, which of course translates as "The Man and the Monster". Rafael Baledon directed this 1958 gem, part of the first wave of the "Mexican Monster Boom", which blends elements of the the werewolf legend, Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, and The Devil and Daniel Webster!

Enrique Rambal plays an unsuccessful concert pianist who sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for money, fame, and a complete collection of Famous Monsters (okay, just kidding on that last one). But you know how these diabolic deals usually work out, and so it goes with Our Hero; he gets what he wants, but he also gets a bit more than he bargained for - every time he plays his masterpiece, he turns into a werewolf! But not just any werewolf, mind you; the makeup is actually not bad at all, one of the more convincing Mexi-Makeups - if, of course, you can get past the huge, bulbous nose. It's as if W.C. Fields was infected by lycanthropy, and this image alone is enough to ensure the film a place in psychotronic heaven.

For good measure, he keeps the dead body of a female rival in his closet. And taking a cue from Return of the Ape Man, just because he turns into a monster doesn't mean that he can't tickle the ivories with the best of 'em ("Moonlight Sonata" anyone?) The film also stars our old pal Abel (The Brainiac) Salazar. Enrique Rambal gives a great performance; retaining sympathy despite his horrible misdeeds.

Rafael Baledon was an innovator and a stylist, having helmed the pioneering La Sombra Vengadora series and Swamp of the Lost Monster (where the monster looks like a cross between Gorgo and the Creature from the Black Lagoon), one of the first Mexican monster movies in color, as well as the unforgettable La Loba with Kitty De Hoyos. 

That's it for this month, amigos; please don't forget to click for free at the Animal Rescue Site to help provide food and care for shelter animals. Adios and Vaya con Dios, Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky and Cher

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Re-Mastered Universal Frankenstein and Wolf Man Series Coming To Blu-Ray!

Here they come for this autumn (when the moon is full and bright...), more re-mastered in HD classics from the Universal vaults. Sharp high definition clarity for some of our all-time favorite films:




THE WOLF MAN (1941), FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN (1943), HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1944), HOUSE OF DRACULA (1945), ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948), plus WEREWOLF OF LONDON (1935) and SHE-WOLF OF LONDON (1946). Plus more extras than leaves in a forest of wolfbane.

Special thank you to Jim Clatterbaugh (Monsters From the Vault) for the heads-up!

Coming this September to Creepy Classics! Stay tuned.



New! Monster Bash Program Guide For July 2016

The official program guide for the summer 2016 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE. Only distributed at the conference itself. Only a few left. If you lost yours, get a new one here, or see what you missed if you didn't make it to the classic monster fest! Guests Jimmy Hunt, Audrey Dalton, Sharyn Moffett, Greg Moffett, Conrad Brooks, Jo Morrow and more! 8 Pages, 4.25 X 5.5 inches, color.

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Pittsburgh's Legendary TV Horror Host Passes

"Chilly Billy" - Bill Cardille

The closing of an era of innocence and fun. Not only was Bill a great broadcaster, but part of that greatness is that he made everything, everything fun. From decades of Chiller Theater, hosting classic horror films, hosting professional wrestling, TV morning weather anchoring to being the mid-day host for WJAS Radio...he made it fun.

He was old school and appreciated fans and would give every single person the time of day and make them feel special. His ratings with Chiller Theater were so good on Pittsburgh's Channel 11 that they bumped NBC's Saturday Night Live for a long time in favor of Bill.

From a national perspective he was to Pittsburgh, east Ohio and north West Virginia what Zacherley was to the New York City area. What Ghoulardi was to Ohio. What Bob Wilkins and Vampira was to California...he was an icon. Not a spooky, scary horror host....but a jovial master who ran his ship with fun, laughs and smiles. He made pizza parties with the whole family a requirement in Pittsburgh households on Saturday nights for generations.

My personal brandings by Bill. From about 1967 through the 1970s I had to catch Chiller Theatre every time I was visiting my grandparents in Grove City, PA (north of Pittsburgh). At my grand parents Adams house...there's one particular Saturday night that is etched in my brain. Everyone had gone to bed. I asked to sleep on the living room couch....why? Because I wanted to see Chiller Theater with Bill. He was screening ISLAND OF TERROR with Peter Cushing. The cheesy suit and the was just Bill and me with that flickering TV and the lights off. The texture of the woven couch being pressed into the side of my face as I was glued to the TV.

Above: Bill plays himself in the film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968).

At my other grandparents house (my mom's), same thing. I was sleeping on the couch in the living room there....because everyone would be in bed....and where would I be? Right there watching Chiller Theater. The time that left a huge memory was when it was CALLING DR. DEATH with Lon Chaney, Jr. Chilly was just great with that super set on Channel 11.

Fast forward a decade or so. I'm working in radio doing a morning show on Z-107 in Greensburg, eastern suburb of Pittsburgh. I'm doing the show with my newscaster and future wife, Ursula. We always monitored various news services in case we missed something going on. At that time, there was Bill Cardille. Not hosting monster movies, but as the jovial morning weather man on TV. I recalled all the fun he provided for me growing up and called a few times while he was working that morning weather gig. He always would give me a shout out on the air, that fellow broadcaster Ron and Ursula were tuned in at Z-107 FM in Greensburg.

Zip ahead a few more years and I'm putting together the first MONSTER BASH conference. I was doing an east coast unveiling of the classic monster stamps that the post office was issuing in 1997. I called Bill. Of course he remembered me (he remembered everyone...amazing). He was more than happy to jump on board the first MONSTER BASH. I don't think he missed one....until this summer's when he was battling liver cancer.

I could go on and on...but Bill saw our daughter grow up from MONSTER BASH to MONSTER BASH and he always, always would remember us and was a true "people person." You hear that term a lot...but he REALLY was. I'll miss Bill and his asides, humor, his kindness to my grandfather when he got to meet him, his graciousness to my mom. I'll miss you, Bill. We had a long history and you started it when I was just a kid watching monster movies and you made

-Ron Adams, July 21, 2016 - Ligonier, PA

Above: Ron Adams, Bill Cardille, Ursula Adams....broadcasting friends, and Bill was our hero.

Thanks to first responders to me this morning: Brian Keegan, Barb Heiss, Bob Pellegrino, Phil Keeney, John Buriak and everyone I can't think of this second. The phone has been ringing and ringing.

Here Bruno Samartino talk about Bill here:

Fans Step Forward:

Chilly Billy (Bill Cardille) has died and another piece of my early years is gone. My mother loved old horror films and passed that love onto me. She watched Pittsburgh's Chiller Theater way before I did. She couldn't wait until I was old enough to stay up late and watch it with her in our darkened living room. According to her, I was old enough at around age 8. Yup, she started me loving the films and Chiller Theater young.

I first met him at the 1993 Zombie Jamboree and told him that I'd written to the station manager at WIIC-TV complaining that in later years Chiller Theater was joined in progress at midnight. The station manager replied that for our local station here in Altoona, there was a contract with PBS that the station had to carry PBS until midnight. I kept that letter and showed it to him at the Jamboree. He started calling me "the lady from Altoona" and called me that every time he saw me before getting to know him better at the Bash.

Thanks to Ron Adams and Monster Bash Conference, I have many pleasant memories of talking to him at Bash. Even if I was on a shift at registration, Ron let me walk Bill back to his table and catch up with him. I heard many stories and always got a kiss. Monster Bash Conference made the perfect bookend to my time with Chilly Billy. Starting at age 8 sitting in a dark room with my mom watching Chiller Theater, and ending at age 59 at the Bash.

I'm hoping that my mom and Bill Cardille meet wherever they are. Because if it wasn't for her and him I would never had the experiences I've had at conventions and all the Monster Kid friends.

Mark Statler sings a song that has the lyrics "Watching Chilly Billy on the black and white. They just don't make them like that anymore." But Bill Cardille will be remembered and his stories will live on in the minds and hearts of his family and Pittsburgh area Monster Kids.

-Barb Heiss

Above: Bill and a few years earlier....quite a few....below with the same smiles....

Dear Ron, I just learned of Bill's passing moments ago, and I am at a loss for words. I knew the end was coming but like we talked about, Chilly Billy was one of those figures you thought would always be there. It's ironic maybe, that he passed one day after the two year anniversary of me losing my son..I'm just devastated right now...

Here are a few of my Chilly Memories..and I was so pleased that so many Monster Bashers came to my table to talk about him and I was so happy to share my collection with them...


Chilly Billy Cardille passed away this morning.  He was such a great guy.

-Scott Goettel, Louisville, KY

Above: Chilly Billy with Chiller's character Terminal Stare (Donna Rae).

Ron, my Pittsburgh buddy Becky promised to let Tom and me know when Chilly Billy passed away. It was this morning. Here’s a link to the Post-Gazette. There’s a wonderful interview with him from just last month with his daughter. It’s making me cry for sad and happy.

Tom doesn’t know yet. He’s out with his artist friend doing some landscape painting. I can’t tell him till he gets home…we expected it, of course, but he’s going to be so upset. I’m not from Pittsburgh, so I didn’t see him on TV, but he was a powerful force for Monster Boomer good, and I loved him. What a great loss.


Above: Nationally recognized UFO Researcher, Stan Gordon, with Bill Cardille at Monster Bash.


I just heard the sad news about Bill. He will be missed by so many.

-Stan Gordon

A nice obit written by Leonard Hayhurst (Button image to the left created by George Chastain):

William “Chilly Billy” Cardille died July 21, 2016, at his home in McCandless, Pennsylvania, according to a Facebook post by his daughter, actress Lori Cardille. He was 87 and battling cancer.

The Pittsburgh broadcasting icon had a career that spanned nearly 60 years, mostly on Channel 11 in Pittsburgh which was WIIC at one time and is now WPXI. He hosted “Chiller Theater” for the channel from 1963 to 1983, hamming it up while showing monster movies. Pittsburgh native Joe Flaherty in several interviews said Cardille was the inspiration for his Count Floyd character on “SCTV.”

Cardille was also an announcer for “Studio Wrestling,” which had him calling the matches of wrestling legends like Bruno Sammartino and George “The Animal” Steele. The native of Sharon, Pennsylvania, was the local host for the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon for many years as well.
He hosted game shows and other movie programs, served as a weatherman, called basketball games and was heard on local radio as a disc jockey; last having the mid-day slot on WJAS until his retirement in 2014.

He played a newscaster in 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead” and also appeared in the 1990 remake along with a few other acting roles. Pittsburgh City Council and government officials from Sharon, Pennsylvania, and Mercer County declared Sept. 28, 2010, Bill Cardille Day in honor of his years of service to the local community.

There will never be anything as wonderful and satisfying as watching the
slightly fuzzy black and white images on a 13 inch TV screen of mad
scientists, crazed atomic monsters, space travel, strange worlds and
monsters who worked their way into our hearts while we Monster Kids,
bleary-eyed fighting to stay awake planted ourselves on living room
floors, couches or recliners to see the latest Chiller Theater.

Our guide on those adventures knew the magic of those monsters, knew the
power of imagination and just plain fun.

Many years ago while trying to explain Monster Bash a friend said to me
"Sounds like a lot of people who never grew up" to which I responded "No,
these are the people who never gave up - never gave up believing in magic
and the wonder of imagination"

Thank You Bill Cardille for never giving up and taking us all along for
those memorable late night trips to wonder-land.

-Kevin Slick, Colorado

Hello Ron,

So sorry to hear of Bill Cardille's passing. I have youtube & DVD's to thank for discovering his terrific show. My lasting memory of meeting him at the Bash was his firm handshake, his friendly smile, and that he looked straight into my eyes as we talked.

John Clemons
Union City, CA

I'll always have great memories os Chiller Theater and watching it with my dad. But the best memory will be when we were moving out of state and i drove to the radio station because I wanted to meet Bill. I walked in to the desk told the receptionist why i was there, she called back to him, Bill was working over, he ran out on a commercial with two autographs and ran back to his booth! I dont know of any other radio or tv person who would do that!

-Rich webb

"I was walking the dog before dawn yesterday and noticed what I call a
"scary movie" sky. The moon was full and dark clouds were racing across
it. When I got in I read Chilly Billy had died and I figured he was giving
us one last show on his way to heaven."

- Jill McDermott

Hi Ron,

I really felt compelled to share some thoughts on the passing of Bill Cardille. Having spent the past few days reading people's thoughts on Bill, my first impression was on how many people had already described what I was already thinking. If you never had the pleasure to meet him, you can really get a solid impression of what a gracious gentleman he was.

When you lose one of your childhood heros, it's a strange feeling. Perhaps a reflection of your own mortality? I'm not sure what it is, but for a lack of better words, i'll just call it a strange feeling. I remember when John Lennon got shot, there was a dread realization of "Wow, I guess there never will be a Beatle reunion". I was a bit young to "feel it" when Elvis died, but I do remember the newspapers and seeing the TV news broadcasting the pilgrimages to Graceland. How about Clemente? Stargell? Bill's passing also leaves me with that strange feeling......but this one hits me a bit deeper.

I am like so many people that was introduced to the wonderful world of scary movies with Bill and Chiller Theater. Great memories of staying up on Saturday nights. On Chiller, Bill just seemed like a normal guy, but at the same time he was just so cool. As a kid, watching him conduct a commercial was enough of a break to continue the sheer terror of some of the movies. Growing up with only 3 TV stations, (only 3 if the weather was clear and the wind had not knocked the aerial out of wack) everybody I knew watched him. (and yes, I'm still upset about SNL eventually ending it all).

The first time I met Bill was probably '08 or '09, he was at another show in the south hills of Pittsburgh. I actually went to that show for the sole purpose of meeting him. Something I had always wanted to do, and with him practically in my own back yard, it was time to mark this one off of my "bucket list". I couldn't believe how Bill really was the normal guy he appeared to be on TV. He looked me in the eye, firm handshake, and was so gracious and funny the entire time. He had a sincere contentment about him, as he would share stories, answer questions and then ask about you.

Once I discovered the Monster Bash, Bill became the number one stop every year as I would arrive. Bill WAS so kind, and so GENUINE. He really did remember everyone! Bill knew me as the artist from Finleyville, and my kids too. I was blown away by him at last October's Bash....I had grown a beard that fall, and not only did Bill remember me (and my family), He looked at me, motioned at my beard and said, "I like that." (That evening, I couldn't wait to tell my wife about of that exchange, because she had different thoughts about the facial hair). He was so gracious spending his time with us, and he seemed to really hit it off with my daughter Leah. We would joke about him planning her college career. A few years ago he told me he was "no spring chicken", and then we would then talk about our families, as I had a few relatives approaching 100 years of age. We would always end our visits with me telling him, "We will see you next year!"

I have several autographed photos of Bill, but the one I got last summer is my prize possession. I had painted a portrait of him, just to give it to him. I didn't want anything for it, or him to sign it. I just wanted to give the man something back, that had given my family so much time and fun from our many previous Bash visits. He was beside himself, and he practically wanted to give me one of every photo he had at his table. I eventually picked a classic shot of the Chiller family, and once I got home, I was really glad I got it.

That's why the strange feeling goes a bit deeper with me.....Bill was not just a lost childhood hero, but someone I (and my family) would get to know a bit more with each visit. And he really, really was such a nice normal guy....and yes, still so cool! A definite part of the foundation of Pittsburgh, and Monster Bash. God Bless Chilly Billy

-John Sargent

The passing of legendary Pittsburgh television personality Bill Cardille at age 87 brings to an irrevocable close an era of local broadcasting history many of us are reluctant to let go.  For legions of former children and adolescents weaned on a steady diet of horror and science fiction, Pittsburgh’s own Chilly Billy as the host of WPXI’s late, lamented Chiller Theater years ago inspired an epiphany:  In the right company a bad picture can be more entertaining than a good one.

Decades before the snarky archness of Minneapolis’ Mystery Science Theater 3000, Bill Cardille’s Chiller Theater was informed by a detached wit and urbane goofiness well-suited to the show’s heyday during swinging 1960s:  Once, leading into a commercial after It!  The Terror from Beyond Space had been temporarily subdued by astronauts with a flamethrower (in space!), the camera caught Cardille nonchalantly lighting a cigarette…with a blowtorch.

Cardille’s wiseguy demeanor and slightly left-of-center humor was appropriate for a man who also for years hosted WPXI’s Studio Wrestling program.  And the professional in him never allowed him to break character:  He insisted always with smiling earnestness that TV wrestling was 100% authentic. 

Not that Chilly Billy was without his serious side:  Cardille was an early and integral supporter of Pittsburgh filmmakers such as George A. Romero and Tom Savini.  Many Chiller fans were lured to the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead by Cardille’s cameo appearance.  Cardille also for years anchored from the Monroeville Mall the Pittsburgh segment of the annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.

Observing the telethon broadcast in Monroeville from the sidelines during the wee hours one night, I think I saw the essential reason for Cardille’s remarkable success as a broadcaster:

When the lights went down and the cameras were turned off, there was no discernable difference in Cardille’s personality—he continued to talk and laugh and share stories and jokes with the gathered audience and crew, civilians, donors, and entertainers alike, plainly reveling in the interaction, the community, and the company.  Later, when the cameras were turned back on, Chilly Billy was still laughing at a funny story a woman had shared with him during the break.

That was Chilly Billy for you:  A born communicator.  What you saw was what you got, and he counted among his personal friends…everybody.  And if a man truly is measured by the company he keeps, Bill Cardille was superb company.

Good night, old friend, and sleep warm. 

-Carl Shultz


When I first read about "Chilly Billy" being ill and only attending Bash for limited time...I can't explain it, but I did take the time to purchase and send him a card. I always think about doing those kind of things, but all too often I'm slow to react. I'm glad I didn't this time. I don't know if got to read the card? But, I'm so glad I took the time to send it!

I have so many fond memories of Chiller Theater, especially when I watched it so many times on a "snowy" television screen! It was years before my folks bought a television antenna, so I was at the mercy of "rabbit ears" and the all too important "placement" and also the weather!! As a kid, you really didn't care...just as long as you were watching a horror movie! I know it's great to have films available at our fingertips, but I miss those old days when it was a great treat to see these movies and all those movie hosts, like Chilly Billy. I think we all enjoyed/appreciated them more!

All those times are fleeting.....enjoy those TV/movie icons while they're here....tomorrow isn't promised! Chilly Billy, God's peace!

-Bill Petko

Above: Model Kit Make-Believe by George "E-Gor" Chastain

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Bill Cardille.

Growing up in a Pittsburgh suburb, I first became aware of Bill Cardille when I was a preschooler: not as “Chilly Billy”, but as the host of the 4:00 “Money Movie” on Channel 11 which would occasionally run the Universal classics side-by-side with the K. Gordon Murray package. Images from these movies would combine and mix up in my mind for years afterward (a Mummy changing into a bat? Which Kharis movie was that from?). He also emceed Studio Wrestling on Saturdays. But to be allowed to stay up late for Chiller Theater was a rare treat during my grade school years. I can remember watching “Dracula” and “The Mummy” with my mother and “Frankenstein” and “Son of Frankenstein” with my older brother Joe. There was also the Saturday night Dad worked overtime and came home from the evening shift with a pizza and we all stayed up to watch “Ghost of Frankenstein”. There was no way, I thought at the time, they could bring the Monster back to life again after THAT. How wrong I was!

It wasn’t until my teenage years that I was permitted to stay up to see Chiller Theatre on a regular basis (they used both the American and British spelling throughout its run). There I first saw “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man” which confused me to no end. Why wasn’t the monster talking like Ygor? Wasn’t he supposed to be blind? Did I miss a movie in between?

I caught up with the rest of the Universal Monsters over the next few years and made the acquaintance of Mario Bava and Paul Naschy. Here I first saw “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “War of the Gargantuas.” Christopher Lee as Count Dracula and Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein were quite often on the ticket. My mother was a horror fan herself and, strangely enough, did not object to my watching movies with such lurid titles as “Shriek of the Mutilated”, “The Blood Spattered Bride” or (my personal favorite) “The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism.”

Then there were the funny bits: Chilly Billy Sillies (funny/bad jokes) and Sheer Torture (really bad jokes) and Horoscopes told by Mr. Magnificent. I did not always watch both movies but occasionally I would sit through such dreary fare as “Murder in the Blue Room” just to see what Bill Cardille would come up with next. There was the time he showed a really bad movie (The Creeping Terror) and, after it was over, apologized for showing it. As I recall that was the same night that The Girl with the Terminal Stare made her first appearance.

One night I abandoned Chiller Theatre and a re-showing of “Bride of Frankenstein” for another station and “Night of the Living Dead” which I hadn’t seen before. Imagine my surprise to see “Chilly Billy” pop up anyway!

I first met Bill Cardille at the Night of the Living Dead 25th Anniversary Zombie Jamboree where I had him sign my copy of the Warner paperback (along with Romero and Russo). I had a longer conversation with him at the Monster Bash where I accused him of keeping me up till three a.m. every Saturday as a teenager--and thanked him for it.

I remain glad that I had that opportunity.

Mark Ditoro
Moon Township, PA

You, too, grow up with "Chilly Billy"? Here are two MUST VISIT sites from John Buriak and George Chastain:



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Spook Show Was A Hit At Monster Bash

A special "thank you" shout out to Leonard Hayhurst, Thom Shubilla, Monica Moehring and Joey Vento for putting on one fabulous late night Spook Show at MONSTER BASH. In the tradition of the classic shows in theaters back in the 1950s...this troupe really gave us a show. A barker/showman, a mad hypnotist/mind reader, a mystical woman and....well, an ape. What fun.

If you missed it, you missed a return to the super entertainment in theaters that is a lost art...but, not at MONSTER BASH. Photos to come later.


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