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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Thursday October 27, 2016 - Halloween!

TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: The masks we loved at Halloween.

Find all your favorite classic horror, mystery and sci-fi movies in the Complete DVD Catalog Department or in our Creepy Blu-Ray Department, here at Creepy Classics!

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THIS Weekend!

Don't miss this year's big GHOULARDIFEST in Cleveland! You will love it...monstrous fun for the whole family. Creepy Classics/Monster Bash will be there....we'd love to see you!

Plus, a lost film was found, and will be screened at GHOULADIFEST:

Lost Movie - Found!

"Too Late To Pray" starring Ernie Anderson, made in 1967, was put in storage by the DIRECTOR and long time friend of Ernie's Ralph Mayher and wife Gypsie, it was put together after 50 years and have offered us the opportunity for the first time ever to show it at this years Fest.

The movie was referenced in "GHOULARDI - Inside Cleveland TV's Wildest Ride" written by Tom Feran and Rich Heldenfels. Look for it on page 137 in the book. Watch for times the movie will be shown at GhoulardiFest, schedule will be posted on the web site.

DVD's of the movie will also be available for purchase.

All the ghoulish details are right here:

Also, this same weekend (October 28-30, 2016), we'll have a split crew. Join Creepy Classics and The Monster Bash Team at the CHILLER THEATRE EXPO in Parsipany, New Jersey. We've been setting up at CHILLER since 1993, and wouldn't miss a CHILLER!

So, whether you're in the mid-west or east coast, this Halloween weekend you can visit and shop Creepy Classics!

Here's the details on CHILLER:


New! Model Kits in Stock

Just in time for those cold, rainy weekends when you can't do anything outside...model kit building time! Ah, I can smell the Testors glue and the aroma of the paint from those little glass paint models now...

It's new kits by Moebius Models: ROBIN from the 1966 BATMAN television show and THE INVISIBLE MAN!

Get these two new model kits, and check out all the model kits in DRACULA, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, GORGO and more! CLICK HERE and see our model kits.

Here are a few details on the new kits:

ROBIN (1966 Batman TV Show) - Model Kit
For the first time ever, Moebius Models offers a highly detailed styrene kit of the Boy Wonder based on Batman: The Classic TV Series! Accurate likeness of Burt Ward as Robin! Sculpted by fan-favorite master sculptor Jeff Yagher, approximately 1:8 scale; completed kit is 9.5” high. Includes batcave rock display base and nameplate, Skill level 3, ages 15 and up.

H.G. Well's "The Invisible Man" is loaded with parts! 1/8 scale, complete with figure, base table, bookcase, and loads of lab equipment. Check out the invisible rats! Assembly required. Glue and paint not included. Great rainy day model building fun!

Get these kits right now, they are in stock in our Models, Toys & Action Figures Department here at Creepy Classics.

By the way, share your model kit stories and pictures of your model kits...just e-mail them to: We'll post them here.



Monster Bash Birthday Salutes

News flash! Birthday reporter, Scott Goettel, checks in for Bashin' Birthdays...

Hi Ron,

Two birthdays for October 25th! Whit Bissell, born October 25th, 1909, and passed away on March 5th, 1996 at age 86.  His long versatile career and great work speak for themselves.  We Monster Bashers especially know there are so many favorite Whit Bissell film and TV roles too numerous to list!

The next birthday is Leo G. Carroll...

Leo G. Carroll was born on October 25th, 1886, and he passed away on October 16th, 1972 at age 85.  His long career was also a great example of versatility, including one of our favorite monster movies of the 1950's TARANTULA, Boris Karloff's THRILLER, and he was on the long running secret agent 1960's TV series THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.

A Big Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday to both Whit Bissell and Leo G. Carroll!




10 Painting For Halloween

This note in from our friend and MONSTER BASH regular, Malcolm Gittins:

Dear Ron, Sending you, Ursula, Paisley, and Monster Kids and Monster Bashers, everywhere, a very Happy Halloween and haunting! I've been spending October working on my art challenge of creating 10 new classic monster paintings by Halloween, and many are never before subjects, and new versions of older ones. So, first time showing of my new Cyclops portrait from 7th Voyage of Sinbad! that I saw as a double feature with Jason and the Argonauts, way back, in my hometown theater, in Sewickley, Pa, which was always showing monster movies in the 60's!
Happy Haunting!




Now in shock stock, the new MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE! Get yours right now! Order it for immediate shipping. Special discounted web price too. Here's the gory details:

In this shocking collector issue: THE MUMMY - Dead and Coming For You, THE MUNSTERS, Bela Lugosi's Chandu Meets a Mummy, The Ed Wood-Lugosi Projects That Almost Were, AFRICA SCREAMS, Monster Kid Flashbacks, Blu-Ray and DVD Reel Reviews, Falling Stars - The Actors and Artists We've Lost...more!

Writers include: Gary Don Rhodes, Greg Mank, Frank Dello Stritto, Deborah Painter, Ron Adams, Leonard Hayhust, Eddie Kunz and more. Artists include Lorraine Bush and George "E-Gor" Chastain.

Get yours right now in our Creepy Magazine Newsstand on-line, here at Creepy Classics - The Official Home of Monster Bash.



New! Seance on a Wet in Autumn

Now in shock stock, SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON (1964). Filmed in black and white with intense atmosphere in a creepy old house. A stunning and wonderfully acted film that vears between the wish for a medium to prove herself and total insanity. I've been asked many times for this film at conventions around the east coast and finally, it's here, on DVD...

Stars Kim Stanley and Richard Attenborough. One of the most intense studies in madness...right in there with PSYCHO; but more atmospheric. An old house, a false medium and her sniveling husband. Eerie film music score and beautiful photography, as a psychic tries to convince others and herself.

Get it from our New DVD & Blu-Ray Department right now at Creepy Classics.



New on Blu! The House On 92nd Street

Just in from Kino, THE HOUSE ON 92nd STREET....details:


Stars William Eythe, Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso, Leo G. Carroll and Gene Lockhart. A war-time Film Noir drenched in double spies and suspense. A touch of Hitchcock and horror trappings in a secret atom bomb thriller. Includes trailers, galley and audio commentary.

Get it now, it's in stock and ready to ship.

You'll find it in our New Blu-Ray and DVD Department here at Creepy Classics.



Halloweens Gone By

It's time to send in your retro Halloween photos from when YOU were a kid and we'll keep a running gallery here. Just e-mail your photos right now to:!

The above lead photo is Anthony and Mike Dimesa. Here's what Mike wrote to me:

Just found this picture. Me (on the right and my cousin Anthony) just "ghouling" around circa 1973. My parents never took Halloween photos but I remember when I was four wearing my Frankenstein costume and wondering "if I'm Frankenstein, why am I wearing a picture of myself on my costume?" Even at four years old I questioned the rules of the Halloween costume world.
Best regards,
Mike Dimesa

Okay,'s one of my sister Tami and me from 1972. I'm wearing a rubber mummy mask that's I'm distorting. It was an innocent time of scary, spooky monsters and autumn tricks or treats!

-Ron Adams

I thought you might enjoy seeing my 1960's Halloween blow-mold light decorations lining my staircase 

-Kevin Mulligan, NJ

Enjoy the captures of the best Halloween special of all time...BOO!!

-Kent Daluga, IL

Vincent Price with daughter Victoria at a Halloween party gone by. Victoria sent this today. She'll be at MONSTER BASH in June!



New! Vintage VHS Tape Adds

We just added a large number of used VHS tapes from three collections that recently came in. Great titles from the dawn of the video age. Just like you're back in the local video store discovering a new classic horror or sci-fi title. Still collecting VHS, or re-starting? We have the titles with the great covers that you want!

See all the new additions! Start perusing our Used Video Graveyard right now. You'll see the tapes you want here at Creepy Classics.



New! Just Like the Ol' Days of CREEPY, CREEPS is Here

Now in stock, the brand new, fresh off the slab, issue of CREEPS. It's #8 and we have stacks...get your new issue shipped to you right now from Creepy Classics.

Just like the old Creepy Magazine! A black and white comic magazine with color cover. Great horror stories with great artists and writers in this issue: Kenneth Smith, Alex Nino, Don Glut, Nicola Cuti and more. The ol' Creep is back hosting the mag! Stries include: The Talking Dead, The Wishing Well, Rat Wars, To Their Wormy Beds Are Gone, Clownin' Around and more...

Grab the latest issue and any back issues you've missed, just CLICK HERE to go direct to the CREEPS page or check out all the retro monster stuff at the horror home page by CLICKING HERE.

Or, get your retro monster mag fix with this diabolical double play of scares and monsters...Get CREEPS #8 and MONSTER BASH #28 at a special low price, by CLICKING HERE to order.



New on Blu! It's Made-For-TV Horror...

Salem's Lot!

It's here and in shock stock, one of the best made-for-TV horror films of all-time, SALEM'S LOT. The 1970s hosted a huge surge in made-for-TV horror films and some really great ones came out: DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, THE HORROR AT 37,000 FEET, THE NIGHT STALKER, THE NIGHT STRANGLER, CROWHAVEN FARM, GARGOYLES...the list goes on and on....but, at the tail end of the 1970s made-for-TV horror was a real landmark, SALEM'S LOT.

It featured kids like us that loved old monster movies, the real American small town that we knew well, and the strange man that moved to town that everyone talked hit home.

SALEM'S LOT (1979) is now on blu-ray and available here at Creepy Classics. The 183 minute version! Details:

SALEM'S LOT (1979) - Blu-Ray
The Stephen King novel about a vampire that comes to town...maybe your town! A weird antique dealer (James Mason) knows the truth...David Soul and a young boy are out to save the town from a vampire infestation. The awesome looking vampire king, reminiscent of NOSFERATU, has taken hold in Salem's Lot. Also stars Lew Ayers. X=Extras include trailer and commentary by the director. 183 minutes.

Get it in our New Blu-Ray and DVD Department right now at Creepy Classics...we have it in shock stock and ready to fly on the leathery wings of a vampire bat to your door.



Painting Record Albums

Above are a couple of paintings done ion vinyl record albums by Ben Martin. Here's what Ben said:

Hi Ron, I started painting a series of scenes on old vinyl record albums and here are a couple.   Bride/Monster and of course, a child of the Hydra.   Hope you enjoy. Ben  

Thanks for sharing, Ben.



Latest From Chiller Thriller Theatre

This just in from Paul Spiedel....a few new episodes...

For your perusal:

Killers from Space:

Mesa of Lost Women:

More coming soon-thanks for watching!





By Roberto Cotter (author of The Masked Mexican Wrestler and Monster Filmography book)

Hola amigos, and welcome to the latest column. I'm afraid that this month's column starts on a sad note. Joe Ziegler (the Costello of the Abbott and Costello Tribute) has passed away. Also, Veronica Carlson's husband passed away after a long illness. Both of them are in our thoughts and prayers, as well as those they left behind.

On a less somber note, did everybody see Google last month? Lo and behold, they celebrated El Santo's 99th Birthday with a special logo and other features. Thank you, Google! And now we begin our feature presentation, LA MUJER MURCIELAGO, otherwise known as "Bat Woman."

Mexican filmmakers, it must be said, were notorious for the things they "borrowed", be it a cover from Famous Monsters to use as poster art, or the theme music from House of Dracula, or even a complete character - in this case, Batman, although it can be argued that an equal source of inspiration was the infamous Jerry Warren's The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman. But THAT Batwoman was a villainess, and Maura Monti was 100% hero, and 110% woman! Possibly the most strikingly beautiful woman ever to appear in Mexican films, genre or otherwise, Maura Monti was actually from Italy; like Wrestling Woman Elizabeth Campbell, both made a lot of great movies in a short space of time and then retired. But it is for LA MUJER MURCIELAGO that she will always be remembered; smart, tough, resourceful, and equally at home in Parisian fashions, baby doll nighties (which she fights the monster in!), or Bat-mask with matching Bat-Bikini!

And as for the monster... well, superficially, of course, it resembles the Gold Standard of underwater menace, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, but this Creature bears more than a passing resemblance to Enoch, the friendly neighborhood Sleestak from Land of the Lost. But this Creature (named Pisces, ha, ha, by his creator) is not some prehistoric throwback nor missing link, it is a product of Science - and its creation scene is one of the most jaw-dropping in all of fantastic cinema: it is literally grown in an aquarium by (make sure you're sitting for this) placing a garden-variety Goldfish and a G.I. Joe with Kung Fu Grip in that aquarium, and then boiling the water! For all of its dubious origin, though, it is actually one of the better-realized Mexi-Monsters.

Everything about LA MUJER MURCIELAGO - the direction, the cast, the music, the settings, etc. - is superlative. The film, made by seasoned pros on both sides of the camera, is breezy, briskly-paced, colorful and assured. It takes all of those deft hands to pull off a scene like the one in which Bat-Woman (always knowing how to make an entrance) parachutes, in full Bat-mask and bikini, into the middle of a beach with young moderns jiving and twisting, and not seem as though they're making fun of the subject matter. With a wink and a flip of her hips, Maura Monti invites us all to join in on the obvious fun... and who could refuse an invitation like that? If you haven't already, you must see this movie NOW.

And so, we'll say goodbye as we always do, with an urging to go the Animal Rescue Site, where you can click for free to provide food and care for shelter animals. Better yet, adopt one!

Adios and Vaya con Dios, Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky and Cher.

Thank you Roberto for the inside skinny on BAT WOMAN, South-of-the-border style. Get a beautiful trnsfer of THE BAT WOMAN on DVD from Creepy Classics in our Mexican Monsters on DVD Department for shipping right to your haunted hacienda.



New on Blu! I Wake Up....Screaming

Now in stock and ready to ship, I WAKE UP SCREAMING (1941) on Blu-Ray...or, DVD.

An intense Film Noir classic where a gorgeous fashion model is killed. The prime suspect is relentlessly grilled by the law. All this while the dark secrets and strange characters duck in and out. Twists, turns in a nightmare world. Stars Victor Mature (ONE MILLION B.C.), Carole Landis (ONE MILLION B.C.), Laird Creagar (THE LODGER) and Elisha Cook, Jr. (HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL). Lots of extras!

Get it in our New Blu-Ray & DVD Department here at Creepy Classics right now. Just released and it is in stock!



New! Dark Shadows Lunchboxes

It's 1970 and there I am in elementary school, at the lunch table, with my paper sack. I pull out my peanut butter& jelly sandwich, and look over at my friend, Scott Thompson. He has a LOST IN SPACE lunchbox. Down the table there's a LAND OF THE GIANT lunchbox. My paper sack and I just sat there. Now it's 2016 and I have a case of DARK SHADOWS lunchboxes. Took a while.....but, I win! Heh.

Joking aside, Creepy Classics does have brand new, retro-styled DARK SHADOWS lunchboxes in stock now.

Get yours in our Collectibles Department here at Creepy Classics. Blow those folks away at work by bringing in your "too cool for the room" DARK SHADOWS lunchbox.



New! Bobble Heads

It's been a while since we had bobble heads in shock stock. Well, now it's two new ones....Barnabas from DARK SHADOWS and The Werewolf, also fashioned after the one on DARK SHADOWS. Both are just so cool!

They're nice and solid, I believe made out of a hard resin. They stand about 6-7 inches tall.

Get one (or both!) for your computer desk right now! You'll find these guys in our Models, Toys and Action Figures Department at Creepy Classics.



New! On Blu....creepy MAGIC

Here's a new blu-ray for your growing heckuva scary ventriloquist dummy movie from the 1970s. There's just something innately creepy about those ventriloquist dummies. This one's got a really mean streak too.

MAGIC stars Anthony Hopkins, Burgess Meredith, and Ann Margaret. Hopkins as a ventriloquist and one evil looking dummy that seems to have a life of its own. Eerie thriller. Featurettes, make-up tests, interviews, trailers, TV spots....loads of extras.

A good one for an October rainy night....

Get it in our New Blu-Ray & DVD Department here at Creepy Classics.



New! Rare Vintage Mags

A new influx of classic, rare, vintage magazines are here...these new titles just coming in: WORLD OF HORROR #7 (rare 1970s British mag), MONSTER PARTY (from the folks at CRACKED magazine), PSYCHO #19 (Veronica Carlson image on cover!), EERIE #14 (Classic Warren), CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN (Calvin Beck's horror mag), TALES OF THE ZOMBIE, VAMPIRELLA, EERIE #10...and more, more, more.

Quick! Go to our Creepy Magazine Newsstand and get the ones you want before the kid next door beats you to it! Limited supply of these vintage titles here at Creepy Classics.



New! Puzzled? We Are...

These Universal Monster licensed puzzles were originally offered in the 1980s. We have these puzzles, new, still in the original shrink wrap here at Creepy Classics. Get yours now for that Universal Monster collection!

You'll find the listing for them in our Creepy Collectibles Department, where else?, but right here at your one stop monster shop - Creepy Classics.



Original Trailers For Two Frankensteins!

This info and links submitted by Jim Clatterbaugh, publisher of MONSTER FROM THE VAULT magazine:

Never saw these before, only the Realart ones.



Really cool!

Best, Jim

Jim, the GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN trailer was great to see (the Universal original!) and the SON OF FRANKENSTEIN was really interesting! I like the dripping wipe effect and all the alternate takes/angles on many of the clips. Different and neat to see. A slower strike of the "Maker of Monsters" by Rathbone, etc.

On a side note, for those fans that haven't heard, Phil Smoot altered me to the newly restored scenes to SON OF FRANKENSTEIN. Two scenes and a few other small pieces. The one scene is of Josephine Hutchinson in her bedroom and the other is a secret passageway scene of Ygor waving on the monster. This restored version is, as of right now, only available on the Blu-Ray FRANKENSTEIN LEGACY set.




Some Images To Spruce Up Our Season!

The above images submitted by our dear fiend, Kooky Kent. Some Zach Shock Theater ads and the Ben Cooper Frankenstein Halloween costume that many of us had back in the 1960s!

Thanks Kent!



Bela Birthday and Bigfoot Film

These notes for October 20th from field reporter, Brian Nichols, here at Creepy Classics:

October 20th is a BIG day for monster kids! First, the great Bela Lugosi was born on this day in 1882. Happy Birthday Bela!

October 20th, 1967, is also the date of the famous Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film! This is a stabilized version of the film.



Monster Bash Hotels Now Taking Reservations For the 20th year anniversary BASH in 2017...

June 23-25, 2017....Mars, PA

The World's Greatest ALL CLASSIC Horror & Sci-Fi Fest - MONSTER BASH!

Details About MONSTER BASH - CLICK HERE, if you dare!

Get your hotel room right now....these hotels all filling with MONSTER BASH attendees:

Host Hotel:

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A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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