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Wednesday November 25 - Thanksgiving November 26, 2015

TODAY'S PHAN FOTO: It's the 8th Wonder of the World - KING KONG (1933)! It's Thanksgiving and that means KING KONG here at Creepy Classics/Monster Bash! Get ready for the KONG-SIZED specials this Friday!


All day long, beginning at 5AM EST, we will have gorilla-sized specials. Each hour, a different special. Hundreds of dollars in prizes and savings...never before done here at Creepy Classics. Super-sized MONSTER gifts will include free Blu-Rays, free DVDs, free MONSTER BASH passes, a free Vendor Table at the MONSTER BASH EXPO, and....a free hotel stay at the MONSTER BASH EXPO too! We've gone.....crazy with KONG-SIZED special....beginning BLACK FRIDAY, this Friday (November 27, 2015) at 5AM Eastern Standard Time! Watch this page (BOOKMARK NOW!) for the specials! Excited yet? We are!

Ron's GONE CRAZY again!

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

Kong and Thanksgiving...

Here we are, another Thanksgiving and it always brings up some of my best memories.

Thanksgivings were magic for me back in the late sixties and early seventies. We lived in State College, PA from 1968 on. (I moved to the Pittsburgh area in the early 1980s). We had early cable in 1968. It was Centre Video. If we didn't have cable, we only got three channels..Altoona, Johnstown (fuzzy),and three (University Park PBS). Channel 16 from Scranton came in, fuzzy, with a lot of rabbit ear antenna struggling.

But, with cable...we got eight channels! Imagine that - eight channels to choose from. And, believe it or not, there was more choices I liked to watch then, than with 200 channels today. It was all because of three New York City stations (technically one was Secaucus, New Jersey): WNEW 5, WOR 9, and WPIX 11. Wow....independents that played an almost non-stop rush of movies from the 1930s-1950s.

On Thanksgiving, Channel 9 started a tradition that would carry on for over a decade. KING KONG on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I think there were a few Thanksgivings that KONG played multiple, multiple times during the day. SON OF KOING and MIGHTY JOE YOUNG would be in the mix as well. And, in between things, I'd flip over to Channel 11 for the Thanksgiving showing of MARCH OFTHE WOODEN SOLDIERS! Laurel and Hardy meeting up with those maniamals - The Bogeymen. Hideous man-beasts that lived in caverns below the earth.

So, it is with joy, I can feel Thanksgiving with KING KONG (1933), MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (1949), and MARCH OF THE WOODEN SOLDIERS on TV. All this while, the aroma of baking turkey came from the kitchen. The house, overly warm from the oven being on since the wee hours of the morning. And that smell of sage meant stuffing (my favorite) was to be had by all too!

During commercial breaks, I would slip out to the kitchen and snitch a green olive and a piece of celery. Sugar cookies had been baked by my mom and my sister.

The meal and family are together and Carl Denham has captured the biggest gorilla ever. Stan and Ollie have beaten the Bogeymen and the evil Barnaby. Joe Young was climbing a tree and saving a little girl from a burning orphanage. It's all the 8th Wonder of the World.

It's KING KONG, it's Thanksgiving.

I'll be watching all of those films, and now again, cooking the turkey and making the stuffing with my wife and daughter. And my daughter also knows that Thanksgiving and KING KONG are inseparable.

-Ron Adams

FANGtastic memories Ron! Love it when you post this each year...we will also be carving the Pteranodon and watching the original broadcast of Kong like we have for years!! Dad will be with us thankfully and he sends his best. God bless you and your wonderful family.  Here is a shot from one of the highlights of the summer..."Joey's" APEpearence at The New York World's Fair's 50th Anniversary Celebration!!

Best always, The Vento Family
Haunted Barn Movie Museum

Here's Joey's photo:


Hi Ron,  I have been going to Monster Bash every year (now twice a year) for a long time and want to say how much I appreciate the hard work and effort of you and your entire team to make it a special weekend.

I read with great fondness your reminisces of Thanksgiving Day.  I grew up near New York and watched those independent channels (5, 9 and 11) and saw many old movies on them.  Thanksgiving did indeed have King Kong and Son of Kong on all day I believe; that and March of the Wooden Soldiers were annual traditions for us as well, as soon as the Macy’s Parade ended.  As a young one I was totally creeped out by the bogeymen and Barnabas.

Other traditions with New York television included an Abbott and Costello movie every Sunday from 11:30 to 1 which we saw religiously for years, and there was a 4:30 to 6:00 movie each weekday which would often have themes like “Dracula week” (Hammer) and “Godzilla week” etc etc.  Unfortunately we never had a horror host, we did have “Chiller” which showed the usual Shock! Package I am sure, but no host.  When I got to Pittsburgh 20 years ago Chilly Billy was already gone, but thankfully we now have Svengoolie on syndicated Me TV.

I have continued these traditions with my children; they have all seen all of the Abbott and Costello movies, and many of the classic Universals and we catch Svengoolie often.

In the latest Monster Bash I particularly enjoyed the 60s-70s TV theme.  There are so many great TV movies from the 70s that I recall – Legend of Lizzie Borden – Reincarnation of Peter Proud – Dark Secret of Harvest Home – Initiation  of Sarah – perhaps moving forward you could revisit many of these classics at another Monster Bash. 

Thanks again.


Hi Ron.  Just wanted to say a big Amen to your writing about Thanksgiving, your memories/reminiscences.  Such a special time of year for so many us, made all the more special with our friend, Kong,  showing up in our homes on TV, thanks to WOR, Ch9.  It's like Kong is part of the family for Thanksgiving time.  Then, all the Godzilla films the next day.  Though, I wonder if ex-boxer Jack Palance was playing MechaGodzilla or the Smog Monster.

Was great to meet Anne Serling and chat with her about her dad last month (at MONSTER BASH).  She got a kick out of me having grown up on Maple St. in Binghamton, NY (where the Monsters Are Due), in Rod's hometown.   Thanks for bringing her to the Bash.  And, it was nice for me to get a touch of fall up there last month what with it being in the high 80's/low 90's down here this week (in Florida)!

Take care and have a great Thanksgiving. 


PS - I wonder if Kong prefers Pterodactyl over Turkey


LOVE the Thanksgiving memories! You perfectly captured that time and what it means to be a monster kid.




Just Added - 1970s You'll Die Laughing Cards

We just added a bunch of doubles from the personal collection of YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING cards here at Creepy Classics. There's only a handful, so grab the ones you want with those hairy paws right now. You'll find these vintage cards in our Trading Cards Department here at your home of classic monsters - Creepy Classics!



Above: Clockwise from top left -- Forry with Ray Harryhausen and Ray Bradbury, Forry on a TV show, Forry smiles, Ray Harryhausen and Forry look at the giant KING KONG cake at MONSTER BASH 1998.

Forrest J Ackerman Birthday Noted

Thanks to Malcolm Gittins and Ursula Adams for reminding me that November 24 was Forrest J Ackerman's birthday. We lost Forry a few years ago, but he made a tremendous impact on fans of classic horror and sci-fi. He was the driving force behind FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine from the 1950s through the 1970s. He unified fans from across the nation before Internet, before DVDs and video tape, before wide-spread horror conventions. Thank you Uncle Forry, you are missed.

Above: Forrest J Ackerman and Boris Karloff. Birthdays just a day apart.



You Can't Hyde From MONSTER BASH July 2016

Bill & Tony will be back with an Abbott & Costello Meet the Monsters display at MONSTER BASH July 2016 that will pop your saucerman-like eyeballs out! This is their latest creation....a Mr. Hyde. Here's what Bill Luciani tells us:

Hi Ron,
 Thought you might like to see this, This is my Frederick March Mr. Hyde bust sculpted by Wayne Strong with an assist by the late Henry Alvarez. This bust was finished by the uber-talented Tony Pitocco. It has custom made acrylic eyes,real hair,resin teeth and a foam core. Very creepy looking in person. Feel free to share with the Bashers

Get ready for MONSTER BASH July 2016!



Above: German Robles at MONSTER BASH and Rex Reason in THIS ISLAND EARTH (1955).

We Lose Two Actors...One A BASH Alumni

German Robles & Rex Reason

German was a MONSTER BASH guest back in 2007, her starred in so many great Mexican horror films: THE VAMPIRE, THE VAMPIRE'S COFFIN, BLOOD OF NOSTADAMUS, THE BRAINIAC and more. Thanks to Jim Clatterbaugh (MFTV) for passing the info to me.

Rex Reason, I spoke with aboput a year ago....trying to get him to MONSTER BASH. He was actually very funny and witty...saying he'd love to, but "I'M TOO DARN OLD! TOO DARN OLD!" He had a great sense of humor and was very nice on the phone.

Here's his obit (Thanks Eileen):



New! Collectible Bumper Sticker from 1998

Only a couple remang limited edition bumper stickers from the 1998 MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE available now! It's KONG, Ymir, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, The Cyclops....Bashing!

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A sneak peek at the upcoming MONSTER BASH JULY 2016:

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Happy Birthday Boris!

Thanks to Ursula Adams ans Bruce Tinkel for reminding me that today is our beloved Boris Karloff celebrated his birthday....November 23, 1887. One of the finest and iconic monster men to ever have worked the business!



Above: "Pitch" the devil pits his evil ways against ol' St. Nick in SANTA CLAUS (1959).

Here They Are The FIVE Weirdest Christmas Movies of All-Time

Available Here at Creepy Classics is the Christmas us kids from the 1960s and 1970s caught on "Kiddie Matinees!" Sometime endearing, sometimes out right CREEPY! We have them all in stock now....two new ones this year: THE CHRISTMAS MARTIAN (1971) and THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE (1964). Personally, I highly recommend THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS!

Here are the descriptions:

This is it! The Christmas movie that warped the minds of a generation! Released in the Unite states to the children's matinee market during the holiday season through the 1960s. It features Sata Claus fighting a devil from Hades named "Pitch." Pitch has tried to teach the children of earth evil, but Santa Claus won't have it and is risking everything on Christmas eve to save the holiday from the demons of the dark! A wizard, Santa's sci-fi lab, robot reindeer, a creepy dream sequence of giant dols taunting a little weirdness. You'll find yourself simply shaking your head in disbelief. Imported from Mexico and dubbed in English. A holiday must for every fan of strange cinema. An alterate title could be SANTAS CLAUS VS. THE DEVIL!

Stars John Call, Leonard Hicks, Vincent Beck and Pia Zadora. Martian children cry out for their own Santa Claus, just like the one they see on TV transmissions coming from the planet Earth. Not to disappoint, Martians head for earth to kidnap Santa. Cult weird Sci-Fi classic known for featuring Pia Zadora as a child.

A heartwarming Christmas story that made the rounds in the 1960s for Saturday afternoon matinees across America. Santa and his strange dwarf elves can't meet the rent at the North Pole. An evil, nasty man has bought the north pole, doesn't like Santa and wants to evict him. A friendly lawyer, who as a child told Santa that he would always help him, comes to Santa's rescue.

Truly one of the weirdest "kid's movies" ever. It's framed like THE WIZARD OF OZ with black-and-white real world scenes and color for the "magic world." But outside of that...NO comparison with a good movie! Ha! An atomic age kiddie movie. It's great seeing kids talk about a neighborhood old lady as a "real witch." Kids in my day, used to hang around wondering things like that! A witch and the title tree that can grant wishes to a young boy. Be careful what you wish for! Almost indescribable.

A flying saucer from space lands in the cold Canadian winter. The goofy alien roams a small town, stealing candy. A brother and sister discover the space-being and he befriends these kids. They want a trip around the world on the saucer. The townspeople become suspicious and hop on their snow mobiles to chase the invader. Don;t worry, it;s Christmas and all works total weirdness! Makes SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS seem like a masterpiece. Hang on.

Get these psychotronic holiday movies on DVD right now in our Holiday Department here at Creepy Classics!

By the way, SANTA CLAUS (1959) and SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS (1964) are both also available on Blu-Ray (incredibly!).



New! Creepy Cool DVD & Now Blu-Ray Too!

Now in magnificent "Shock Stock" at Creepy Classics. Ten years in the making, the most exhaustive look at everything "Creature!" The full-length documentary, CREATURE FEATURE: 60 YEARS OF THE GILLMAN. Here are the details:

Feature length! the most comprehensive documentary on the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. The movies, the merchandising, the stars, the legend...they're all here! Interviews with Ben Chapman, Julie Adams and more. Bonus: Abbott and Costello Colgate Comedy Hour with the Creature and loads more!

More info from the producer of the documentary, Sam Borowski:

Creature Feature tells the story behind the era of the creation, marketing and distribution of the influential Universal horror film, Creature From the Black Lagoon. It covers the entire trilogy in detail and has licensed clips from all three films. You can see future Oscar-Winner Clint Eastwood in his first-ever on-screen speaking role as a lab assistant in Revenge of the Creature or hear about the Gill-Man's connection to Marilyn Monroe. A clip of Marilyn going to see the CFTBL in The Seven Year Itch is also a highlight, as is the section on Copycat Creature Films and Foreign Copycat Films.

Moreover, you can see the largest collection of Creature photos and memorabilia ever assembled on-screen.

Creature Feature has interviews with Ben Chapman and Julie Adams, who played "Kay," in the original film, as well as interviews with Oscar-Winner Benicio Del Toro, a super-fan of the Creature.

Not to be missed are rare interviews with swimming double Ginger Stanley and Oscar-Nominee and screenwriter of CFTBL and The Creature Walks Among Us, Arthur Ross, father of Gary Ross, Oscar-Nominated Director of Sea Biscuit and The Hunger Games.

Special Features on both formats include a new restored version of The Colgate Comedy Hour with Abbott and Costello, where the Creature made his first on-screen appearance that pre-dated the movie, an interview that Creature Feature Writer-Producer Sam Borowski did with MONSTERS HD Network, A Creature Cavalcade of Celebrities, and much more!


Get them for your lagoon right now from Creepy Classics on our New DVD and Blu-Ray Department.



New! The ULTIMATE....."Phantom of the Opera" on both Blu-Ray & DVD

Plus, These New Blu Releases Too:

Discounted $5 - $10 each!


THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (1925/1929 Kino) - Blu-Ray or DVD
Lon Chaney shall not die! He will eternally be remembered for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA film. The grotesque make-up is classic. Includes music score and color tints and restored technicolor ballroom scene. Plus excerpts from 1930 version! The ultimate PHANTOM! Packed, packed with extras!

THE MASK (1961 Kino) - 3-D Blu-Ray or DVD
Starts Paul Stevens and Claudette Nevins. A cursed tribal mask causes the wearer to have hallucinations that would make H.P. Lovecraft pretty uneasy. Besides the hallucinations, it makes you brutally kill people. And if that weren't enough, it has an addictive quality, so you want to wear it again and again -- even though you know it's bound to get you in some pretty bad trouble. Eerie stuff from Canada. Filmed in 3-D. Listen for the voice in your head..."Put the mask on!" 3-D TV, Player and Electronic Glassed Required for Blu-Ray edition.

Stars Vincent Price, Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Susan Hart. Mad doc Price builds beautiful bikini clad robots to get close and personal with world leaders and wealthy men. The object, to gain control over the world with these robots placed in the appropriate positions. Nutty beach movie meets science fiction. Extras: Animated montage of "Bikini Bots" and Vincent Price trailer collection.

Stars Vincent Price, comedy team Ciccio and Franco. Vincent Price is back in this sequel to DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE. This one is directed by Mario Bava. Played for sci-fi slapstick and Price eats up the scenery. Extras: Vincent Price trailers, animated Girl Bomb stills and more.

THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU (1977 Kino) - Blu-Ray
Stars Burt Lancaster and Michael York. Lancaster as Moreau in this version....the mad doctor that is grafting animals into humans and visa-versa! It's set on an uncharted tropical island. Conditions are not necessarily sanitary and definitely not approved by the American Medical Association. Lion-men, bear-men, and various beast-things!

FAUST (1926 Kino) - Blu-Ray
This is what dreams (and nightmares) are made of! An incredible silent fantasy with an opening sequence that will stun. A demon rises over a city -- a haunting vision that will stay with you. A melodrama that is heart-wrenching, wondrous and frightening. This version is as clean and sharp as you'll see! Great music score. Extras include a 53 minute documentary, footage from an abandoned silent feature, bonus DVD of alternate 1930 version of the film and more!

THE BUBBLE (1966) - 3D Blu-Ray
A creepy "Twilight Zone" styled story....but a bit more traumatic! A young couple are in a small plane during a terrible storm and the woman is going into labor. They need to land in the closest town. When things clear, they find themselves in a strange place. A town with people in walking comas and disjointed reality. The town is surrounded by an invisible force-field bubble. It appears that aliens have sealed the town and are....what??!! Unsettling and darn creepy. Directed by Arch Obler. Extras: Trailers, alternate opening, screenplay deleted scenes, more. REQUIRES: 3D TV, player and electronic glasses.

Grab the ones you want ALL DISCOUNTED from the MSP right now! They're in the New Blu-Ray & DVD Department at Creepy Classics. In shock stock and ready to ship to you.



NEW! It's Here, In Shock Stock

Voodoo Man

This is the one. It has John Carradine as an idiot with hair flopping in his face, George Zucco as a gas station attendant moonlighting as a voodoo priest, a cast of beautiful female zombies AND Lugosi in a wonderfully restrained role that emits sincerity. And, Bela's got a cool beard. A barrel of zombie fun.

This is my personal all-time Monogram Film.....Bela Lugosi is restrained and quite sincere, though of course, mad as a hatter! John Carradine and George Zucco are so unbelievable, it's a sheer joy to see them doing their own particular thing in this project.

Get it now, re-mastered in HD from Olive Films. It's on Blu-Ray and DVD. You'll find it in our New Blu-Ray and DVD Department at Creepy Classics!



New! This Month's CREEPY CRATE: KING KONG Stuff!

This month's Creepy Crate is packed with merchandise involving KING KONG. Get your crate of stuff now, a big box of mystery KING KONG items (t-shirt and more):





New! Yeeech! WEIRD magazine from 1973

The gruesome black and white comic magazine from the early 1970s! Garish cover with beheaded monsters and raging werewolf! Lots of spine-shattering horror comics. This is the magazine your mom made you throw away! Slight cover wear. Age tanning. Spine tight. Gruesome. Eeie publications was know for these wonderfully manical mags.

Get it in our Creepy Magazine Newsstand right now!




New! Bert I. Gordon Autographs In Stock

Just added to our Creepy Autographs Department, autographed photos by the great Producer/Director/Writer....Bert I. Gordon. Mr. B.I.G. himself. Bert has been a frequent guest at our MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE. We only have one each of these. Getyours before they're gone. They're 8X10 glossy...great for framing in your movie room!

You'll find them right now in our Creepy Autograph Department at Creepy Classics.




Blu-Rays & DVDs

Now in super shock stock: QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966) starring John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, Florence Marly and Forest J Ackerman on Blu-Ray. Yep, it's in stock now!

Also now in: JACK PIERCE - THE MAKER OF MONSTERS documentary on DVD and THE GOLEM (1920) sound version with the bonus of the only surviving clips of the lost GOLEM film from 1915!

Read more and order them in our New Blu-Ray and DVD Department at Creepy Classics!



Vendors Filling Up For MONSTER BASH July!

A warm MONSTER BASH welcome to a new BASH vendor - TIME BOMB TOYS! Bob Woods from Pittsburgh heads up this new retro toy biz. Make sure to visit his booth at MONSTER BASH in July. The vendor room is filling right now for the July BASH. Get your table by CLICKING HERE.

Find our more at



Mexican Monster Party

November 2015

Column by author of The Masked Mexican Wrestler and Monster Filmography,

Roberto "Bobb" Cotter

Hola, amigos, and welcome to the latest chapter of the thrilling Mexican Monster Party! This month's featured film is OPERACION '67 ("Operation '67"), the film that out-Bonds Bond and takes the Helm from Matt. The first El Santo film in full color, it takes its title from the year it was made; it wasn't Operation #67, like say, Plan 9. The "Spy Craze" was at its peak around this time, with the James Bond series hitting its apex, including James Coburn's Derek Flint, Dean Martin's Matt Helm, and, on the Small Screen, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which sent visions of guns, gadgets and women in bikinis dancing through everybody's heads.

OPERATION '67 (and its sequel, THE TREASURE OF MONTEZUMA), with a larger budget than was the norm for an El Santo film, included a number of well-mounted and picturesque set-pieces; there's even a nod to North by Northwest - itself a distaff Bond - in which co-star Jorge Rivero is stalked by a plane. Rivero had began his career as a pseudo-Santo, the Gold-Masked Man, in THE INVISIBLE KILLER, and he and El Santo play very well off of each other; and as a pseudo-Bond, he's more effective than, say, George Lazenby. In fact, Rivero and El Santo's first scene in the film is a wonderfully clever send-up of the spy films in general and of this film as well: the world is in trouble, and a phone call comes through to the only men who can save it, secret agents El Santo and Jorge Rubio. The call is received by our heroes while they are entertaining a bevy of bikini-clad lovelies on some faraway beach... or so it seems. As the camera pulls back, we see that it's only the "Beach Room" of El Santo and Rubio's spacious headquarters! They toss off the women like Bond dismisses "Dink" in Goldfinger, and roll into action against evil Elizabeth Campbell (herself the "Golden Rubio" of The Wrestling Women). Campbell receives a great introduction in OPERATION '67; rising out of the surf in the same way as Ursula Andress does in Dr. No, in an equally breathtaking bikini. There's beefcake, too - Rivero exploits every opportunity (and even creates a few) to take his shirt off, but then again, he did this in practically every one of his films, so that doesn't really come as a surprise.

OPERATION '67 is one of the El Santo series' high points, and is overall one of the superior Bond knock-offs. Whereas the spy film would soon become the domain of grittier, more serious and realistic efforts like The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (more accuracy, less fun), with plots so convoluted that the people who made the films weren't quite sure how they turned out, OPERATION '67 is fun, fun, fun, until Elizabeth Campbell's daddy takes the Aston-Martin away. And that's it for this month, amigos.

As always, please remember to stop by the Animal Rescue Site, and click for free to help provide food and care for shelter animals. Adios, and Vaya con Dios, Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky, and Cher.

You can get OPERATION 67 on DVD here at Creepy Classics in our Mexican Monsters Department.



Above: Publicity photos and Gregg at MONSTER BASH with Paul Speidel and Dan Weber.

Monster Bash Alumni Passes

Gregg Palmer - Great Man

This one slipped by my radar. A tough one too. Actor Gregg Palmer has passed away.

He was at our 2013 MONSTER BASH and delighted fans with stories, impressions and an incredible personality that you couldn't help but love. This one hits hard (just like Charlie Herbert). I just spoke with Gregg in October and he was totally delighted and couldn't wait to get back to BASH. He couldn't make this past show because of work being done on his house, but he was on the slate for July...

We will miss you Gregg. What a great, great man.

Hi Ron,

I just read about losing Gregg Palmer on the Creepy Classics website. i'm so sorry! When I met him at Bash, he was a wonderful, gregarious, big-hearted bear of a man; a total delight to talk and listen to. As always when a Bash alum is taken from us, I try to be grateful for the opportunity we had to tell Gregg in person how much we appreciated his work. Thank you again, Ron, for giving us that opportunity. We'll miss you Gregg!

-Paul Speidel, Manitoba



Monster Bash Staff Retro Exclusive!

If you've ever attended the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE' might just have met these three staffers pictured above. The photo was taken around 1973. They were decked out in 1950s style for some forgotten reason. Clockwise from back top left: Kevin Slick, Ron Adams, Tom Adams (sitting). They still are celebrating those retro days with monster movies at the MONSTER BASH. We're hopeful that my father (Tom Adams) will be back at BASH in July 2016. -Ron


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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