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It's our latest offerings, and a look ahead at cool classic monster, horror, & science fiction releases. Celebrate the classic horror and science fiction films from the silent era through the 1960s, retro TV horror from the 1950s-1970s. Can't remember the title of a movie? Here's the place to ask. Want to reminisce about chilhood monster movie memories? Ask questions about the annual Monster Bash Classic Movie Conference. Just e-mail your message to:


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Did you grow up in the 1950s-1980s listening to pop radio? Well, it's back, small town classic radio. CLICK AND LISTEN WHILE YOU READ!

Wednesday February 22 - Thursday February 23, 2017!

Get this DVD-R free today! THE BLACK DOLL (1938) Stars Donald Woods, Nan Grey and Edgar Kennedy. If you find a little black doll (looks like a ginger bread man after a good barbecue) on your means YOUR NEXT! A bad business deal and a curse of death comes back to haunt a handful of men. A nosey mystery writer barges in and proceeds to outwit the local police on clues during a dark stormy night in a large old house.

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TODAY'S MONSTER BASH PHAN FOTO: The creepy gypsy, Queen Zimba in SON OF DRACULA (1943). Get SON OF DRACULA on DVD here at Creepy Classics. Come in a shop around for all the classic horror and science fiction collectibles here at Creepy Classics.

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All the Noose That's Fit To Post

Birthday Remembered for Renfield, Fritz and Karl....They All Add Up To Dwight Frye!

Birthday time for Monster Basher....Dwight Frye. This in from Creepy Classics Reorter Scott Goettel:

We Monster Bashers are VERY familiar with the man whose birthday is February 22nd, 1899...Dwight Frye.  He passed away on November 7th, 1943 at the age of 44.

In addition to his film appearances that we already know and love, such as DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, Dwight also appeared in other films...THE INVISIBLE MAN (uncredited), THE VAMPIRE BAT, THE CRIME OF DOCTOR CRESPI, SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (unconfirmed), THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN (uncredited), DEAD MEN WALK, and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, just to name a few.

From all of us...A Big Happy Monster Bashin' Birthday to Dwight Frye!


(From the early Monster Bash shows, we have fond memories of Dwight Frye, Jr. What a super guy he was and had many stories for us about his early childhood with his dad. -Ron)



New! Beautiful Poster Reproductions

Now in shock stock, new additions to the Poster Reproductions Department. These are 11X17 reproductions that come in a thick, clear acrylic slip sleeve for protection. Great for you office of the wall of your movie room....or collect them like oversized trading cards!


They make Tor smile!

See them in our Poster Reproduction Department here at Creepy Classics.



It's Coming THIS next June 23-25, 2017!


The biggest gathering of Classic Monster Movie fans on the planet. It's the 20th year anniversary festival - MONSTER BASH!

Admission memberships at a discount now only for brief time, CLICK HERE.

Guests of honor include the last living classic Universal Monster, Ricou Browning (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON), Gary Conway (I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN), Gary Clarke (Teenage Werewolf in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER) Larry Storch (F-TROOP, GHOST BUSTERS), Terry Moore (MIGHTY JOE YOUNG), CORTLANDT HULL (Nephew of the WEREWOLF OF LONDON), Bert I. Gordon (director of THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, THE CYCLOPS, FANTASTIC PUPPET PEOPLE), Yvonne Monlaur (Hammer's THE BRIDES OF DRACULA), Conrad Brooks (PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE), Tom Savini (CREEPSHOW), and John Russo (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) and many, many more.

.....All those guests, and....keep scrolling....

An almost non-stop film festival, rare movies, talks with the guests, special documentaries, crazy fun monster events, the Tom Weaver hosted Brain Twister Movie Quiz live, prizes and so much more.

Shopping? We've got shopping that will make your eyes pop out of your head (like a "Big Daddy" Roth drawing). 200 vendor's like looking at an indoor football field full of the classic horror and science fiction collectibles, Blu-Rays, magazines, t-shirts, vintage toys, monster models that you've been looking for!

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So You Were Wondering...

So, wondering about what low-budget (well, no budget) monster movie maker David "The Rock" Nelson has been up to? No? Well, we're telling you anyway. His new project is about a coffee fueled, radioactive "Java Monster." Fiction? We think not.

Besides this latest project, you can see him rampaging the halls of the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE this June. Just look for the guy with the video camera that is throwing rubber bugs and monsters at people. Paper coffee cup in pocket...spilling.

Go David!



New! Classic Monsters Magazine's KING KONG SPECIAL

RKO's 1933 production of KING KONG, starring Fay Wray, Bruce Cabot and Robert Armstrong. Packed with lots of rare stills, and information about the making of the film, its background, the cast and crew, this beautiful publication is a must for any fan. Heavy stock, gloss magazine/book!

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See all the new specials right now in our Classic Monsters of the Movies Department.



Monster Bash Octoberfest Location

The above photo was submitted by Jay Spencer of THE PALACE THEATRE in Canton, Ohio.....the home for MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST. We will be screening the entire restored FRANKENSTEIN series from Universal Studios there this October.

You can pre-register now, CLICK HERE!



Coming in May: THE MUMMY LEGACY on Blu-Ray and THE DRACULA LEGACY on Blu-Ray from Universal

Thanks for the heads-up from the editor of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT magazine, Jim Clatterbaugh on these upcoming releases. We'll have them here in May! The release date is set for May 16th. As with the FRANKENSTEIN and WIOLF MAN Blu-Ray legacies, they will feature all the films in the Universal series. The Mummy one will include ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY as well as all the serious films in the series. The Dracula one will include all the Dracula films and ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN which includes the count.

Each edition will be packed with bonus extras. DRACULA is "restored," but it's not clear at this time if it will include the Edward Van Sloan postscript that was restored, but never released. Let's hope so...

Thanks to historian Gary Rhoades, people at the MONSTER BASH CONFERENCE back in 1999 were able to see that postscript by Sloan, but it was a pretty rough 16mm print. Forry Ackerman was front row in the audience for that.

Loking forward to them!



More Blu - Coming Soon!

Coming next month, in March, we'll have both Ray Harryhausen's THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1969) and WORLD WITHOUT END (1956) in shock stock here at Creepy Classics...stay tuned right here.




Part of the CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES Collection, this CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON 1954 magazine guide heads into 1950s sci-fi horror with a detailed examination of this classic Universal monster. This guide evokes the brochure you might have bought at the cinema in 1954, and is sure to take pride of place alongside your other Creature from the Black Lagoon merchandise.

Universal’s 1954 classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON has a special place in the hearts of countless fans of classic monsters. The combination of adventure, drama and horror is hard to top, with sterling performances from Richard Carlson, Julie Adams and Whit Bissell; the Gill-Man himself, meanwhile, makes for an unforgettable aquatic antihero, portrayed to outstanding effect by Ben Chapman and Ricou Browning.

We’re proud to present our CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON magazine in the form of our Ultimate Guide, which explores the making of this sci-fi horror classic. Each of the many articles is accompanied by beautifully-reproduced stills, posters and lobby cards, taking you back to the Amazon in style. Cast and crew biographies give depth and insight to the people who made Creature from the Black Lagoon such a key reference point in the history of horror movies – this is the perfect item for any fan of the Creature.

This CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON magazine guide is designed to the high standard you expect from Classic Monsters, capturing the timeless atmosphere of the movie. The Rita is about to head into new waters… make sure you’re aboard!

Heavy stock paper, gloss, laminate cover. Quality publication.

Get it NOW, CLICK HERE to find it at Creepy Classics. Or, check out all the CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES products!



Terry Moore Portrait By 14 Year Old!

The above portrait of MONSTER BASH 2017 guest Terry Moore was drawn by 14 year old, Jenna Sargent of Pittsburgh, PA. Wow, Jenna....nice job. Keep up the great work.



Don't Miss Out! Get Your Subscription To MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE Now!

Spooky Spring Issue with writers Tom Weaver, Frank Dello Stritto, Greg Mank and maybe YOU, coming soon...

Above is the cover for our very next issue of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE (#29!). It features Vincent Price (as The Invisible Man) and Nan Grey...the stunning painting by Daniel Horne.

Get your subscription now that will start with the Spring issue #29.....CLICK HERE.



Fan Art - Horror TV Celebrated

Check out the above art submitted from Strider Raven of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It's a homage to horror television through the Monster Boom Generation!



New! Here Comes a Fresh Batch of Used DVDs

Check out the new selection of used DVDs. You might find some out-of-print stuff you need for your collection.

Put on your hat and coat and head down, down, down into the depths of our DVD crypt. Lots of fresh titles here at Creepy Classics.



First Show of 2017 is THIS SATURDAY!

Join Creepy Classics & Monster Bash at the historic PALACE THEATRE in Canton, Ohio on February 25th for an TWILIGHT ZONE FEST on the BIG SCREEN! Admission only $6!!!!! Starts at 6:30PM....some of the GREATEST Zones on the big screen. Creepy Classics/Monster Bash in the lobby.

THE CANTON PALACE THEATRE: THE TWILIGHT ZONE TRIBUTE - The Canton Palace Theatre, Canton, OH. Saturday, February 25, 2017. A historic, beautiful, giant palace theatre....a grand place to see classic Twilight Zones on the big, big screen. Here's the web site:

For direct info on the show and to pre-buy admission CLICK HERE!

Here's a classic hotel, walking distance to the theatre: The historic McKinley Grand Hotel: (330) 454-5000.

Creepy Classics will have a massive display in the theatre movies on blu-ray, DVD, monster t-shirts, monster magazines, monster models, posters and more! All classic science fiction and horror from the golden age!



Cruisin' Back To Bash

The classic DRAG-U-LA will be back at MONSTER BASH in June. Get your picture with THE MUNSTERS car, the DRAG-U-LA courtesy of Tony Greco, one of the biggest MUNSTERS collectors in the country.

See more about this creepy cool car, CLICK HERE!



Reader Review

This is a quick review of DELUGE (1933) Blu-Ray and some great background. Submitted by Phil Smoot, who is also a professional in the film industry:

Last night I watched "Deluge." Thanks for getting that to me. I was very happy that "Deluge" turned out to be a really good film. North Carolina born (and buried in Salisbury NC) Sidney Blackmer in the male lead -- A friend of mine was a distant cousin of his and used to talk about him. He was married to Suzanne Kaaren who starred with Bela in "The Devil Bat." I think she lived in Salisbury NC for a decade after Blackmer's death and then moved to NY.

"Deluge" starts off great and never slows down. One is always afraid that a "lost film" will be not satisfy when or if actually found, but this movie filled all expectations. Not knowing the story, I was surprised that the big effects segments were at the beginning and not later. I only found two other post apocalyptic movies listed (one silent & one sound) prior to "Deluge" -- I highly recommend this new Blu-ray.

Get Deluge here at Creepy Classics in our Blu-Ray or DVD Department (now with restored English soundtrack!).



New! Special Magazine/Book on The Entire Universal FRANKENSTEIN Series

The folks in the UK at CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES are the hottest thing around right now. Producing high quality magazines on the movies we love. They are noted for an unbelievably high standard for paper, thick covers, outstanding photo reproctions, rare photos and loving research.

This latest is phenominal. A study of the complete UNIVERSAL FRANKENSTEIN MOVIES from FRANKENSTEIN (1931) through ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948).

Highly recommended and discounted off of list price here at Creepy Classics in our Creepy Magazine Newsstand. You'll find these great specials including this one, under the CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES listings.



Above Clockwise from Top Left: 1) George Steele as Tor Johnson in ED WOOD 2) George Steele with Don Reese (in background) as Tor Johnson at MONSTER BASH 3) George and Monster Bash staffer Kevin Slick 4) Don Reese as Top presnted flowers to George who immediately went into a funny routine at MONSTER BASH.

George "The Animal" Steele Passes Away

George "The Animal" Steele passed away at the age of 79. Jim Myers (his real name) was a MONSTER BASH guest and really nice guy. He and his wife, Pat, attended MONSTER BASH 2010 and were a hit with the Bash crowd. Besides being one the best known professional wrestlers, he portrayed Tor Johnson in the film ED WOOD. We will miss Jim. -Ron

This direct from the WWE:

WWE is saddened to learn that WWE Hall of Famer William James Myers, known to fans as George “The Animal” Steele, has passed away at the age of 79.

Steele was one of the wildest and most unpredictable Superstars in sports-entertainment history. Yet, despite his green tongue, hairy torso and insatiable appetite for turnbuckle pads, "The Animal" was a very well-educated man. Prior to breaking into sports-entertainment, Steele received his Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University and became a high school teacher and wrestling coach in the Detroit area.

It was during his teaching stint that he began moonlighting in sports-entertainment, working in the Detroit-area promotions. Steele’s first WWE appearances took place in 1967, when he began a heated rivalry with WWE Champion Bruno Sammartino. For nearly 20 years, Steele was a reviled villain, managed by the likes of fellow WWE Hall of Famers The Grand Wizard, "Classy" Freddie Blassie, Capt. Lou Albano and Mr. Fuji. His classic main events against Sammartino, Pedro Morales and Bob Backlund saw him come close to winning the WWE Championship on many occasions.

In 1985, however, Steele was embraced by the WWE Universe and changed the course of his career. After The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff abandoned him during a match, Steele fell back under the tutelage of the then-beloved Albano. His transformation was remarkable, as one of the most hated men in the sport became one of its most loveable figures. Long after his in-ring retirement and WWE Hall of Fame induction, George “The Animal” Steele’s name still evoked terror for one generation of WWE fans and warm smiles for another.

Above: George getting flowers from Ursula Adams at MONSTER BASH...George went into character and had everyone laughing.

Dear Ron, I've seen that George 'The Animal' Steele has passed away..
I have such great child hood memories of watching Studio Wrestling and getting a kick out of him and watching Chilly Billy trying to interview him!
2017 is getting as bad as 2016 with all the tragic losses, and my childhood memories taking a hit..Prince Sirki needs to take a break!
Best always,

Malcolm Gittins, Pittsburgh, PA

Above: Q&A Session at MONSTER BASH with Jim Meyers (George "The Animal" Steele) with Leonard Hayhurst. Ron Adams in background adjusting microphone.

Oh, that is so sad!  He was such a nice man.  We had the opportunity to meet him at Monster Mania and then at Monster Bash!  I was friends with him on FB and know that he had been asking for prayers a while back for some complications of an illness. 

-Mary Bishop, Malvern, PA

At MONSTER BASH 2010: Dalton Smoot uses his face and hair to capture George "The Animal" Steele by the hands. What fun he was....(Photo by Phil Smoot).



New! More of the Knock-Out Filmbooks from CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES Magazine

Do you remember those Crestwood House books on our favorite classic monster movies? They were found in school libraries across the country in the 1970s-1980s. Well, these are like those, but rather than aimed at small kids, they're aimed at us, big Monster Kids! All them are super quality books on heavy stock paper, glossy, immaculate photo reproductions, packed with information, bios, behind-the-scenes, technical. Truly a lasting labor of love from Nige and the folks at CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES in the UK. Hats and capes off to them!

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Song by Jeff Schmich, Video by Kevin Slick.


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Part of the CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES filmbook guide special series.

A guide filmbook to the 1931 Tod Browning DRACULA with Bela Lugosi. This luxury publication is produced in full color, with stills, lobby cards and posters illustrating in-depth articles and biographies that throw insight on this classic horror movie. Beautiful oversize magazine, heavy stock, all glossy.

Plus --- now in, FRANKENSTEIN (1931) and THE MUMMY (1932):

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It's HERE, in SHOCK THEATER STOCK! The Monster Bash Zacherley Special

The TV horror host that was know nationwide, Zacherley is gone, but not forgotten.

His legacy, his humor, the Monster Kid merchandising will live on. It's all here in a loving tribute....MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE Special #3. Contributions from Tom Weaver, George Chastain, Rich Scrivani and fans just like you! An amazing packed issue with behind-the-scenes photos of Zacherley and your favorite movie monsters. A trip to Zacherley's memorial service with Tom Weaver. Plus, the latest blu-ray and DVD reviews, your letters, the Gruesome Gallery, Famous Falling Stars and so much more in this packed special edition of MONSTER BASH MAGAZINE.

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New! Filmfax #147 in Stock

Now in stock, the latest FILMFAX #147 magazine at Creepy Classics:

In this issue: WONDER WOMAN turns 75, Inside THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (1959), Charles Middleton, KONG on Skull Island, Carrie Fisher Remembers STAR WARS, The Robot Report, THE BLACK HOLE and more in-depth background on fantasy films!

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by Roberto "Bobb" Cotter


Hola, amigos, and welcome to the latest chapter of the Mighty Mexican Monster Party, where I've got a rare treat for yinz this month; the rarest of all the classic Wrestling Women films, LAS MUJERES PANTERAS ("The Panther Women"). Just how rare is it? Well, when I wrote my first book, THE MEXICAN MASKED WRESTLER AND MONSTER FILMOGRAPHY, just a shade over 10 years ago, there were some films that were in the "London after Midnight Dept." - lost. And this was one of 'em. But thanks to diligent research by sus amigos south-of-the-border, and the wonders of modern technology, it is now available on DVD and from Creepy Classics!!

Before we get to the column proper, I'd just like to digress for 'arf a mo and take this space to tell you that my new book on women Horror Hosts, VAMPIRA AND HER DAUGHTERS, has just been released and is now on sale. It's a (hopefully) comprehensive book on the female of the species, with entries on our favorite Horror Hostess Cupcakes both old and new, and it includes lotsa rare photos and new interviews. It also features a foreword by Penny Dreadful, who has just been added to the Summer Bash guest list - so you can get it signed by both of us, if you so desire.

Like the Republic serial King of the Rocketmen, LAS MUJERES PANTERAS promised fans a whole kitten caboodle of feline fiends, but only delivered in the singular, although one can hardly argue with that singular choice: beautiful, exotic Tongolele (Mexico's Aquanetta, apparently) who cuts quite a figure in her cat-suit. Meow! But it was rather a double-whammy for the fans; not only did 'Queen' Lorena Velazquez skip this bout, but it was beautiful Elizabeth Campbell's last time in the ring (at least she receives top billing). Eric del Castillo, who normally played a heavy, or even a monster, here donned a wrestling mask and cape to play "The Angel" (no relation to the DEMONS OF THE RING character of the same name). Perhaps the producers felt that a masked wrestler would offset the loss of Lorena, but, really, how could it?

But replace her they did, with the beautiful Ariadne Welter, a name most familiar to Mexican film fans. And, on the surface, she performs more than capably in LAS MUJERES PANTERAS, a kind of cross between THE CAT PEOPLE and Universal's CULT OF THE COBRA. But she was a total professional, because, in private, and in later years, she dismissed her role as an embarrassment, and expressed the desire for all the remaining prints to be "shot off into space on a rocket-ship!" It looked like she got her wish for a while, but now you can decide for yourselves!

OK, amigos, that's it for this month, and, aside from staying warm, please click at the Animal Rescue Site. It's free, and provides food and care for shelter animals (who make WONDERFUL companions). Adios & Vaya con Dios, ol' Uncle Roberto, Cousin Lucky, and Cher.

Get a DVD of THE PANTHER WOMEN (1966) for your personal library....available right now in our Mexican Monsters on DVD Department at Creepy Classics. Here's the direct link to get a factory sealed copy:



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MONSTER BASH 20th Year Anniversary

NOTE: The current discount on 3-Day Membership Admission is now $10 off per membership for a limited time only!

Membership Passes For MONSTER BASH 2017: Click Here!

The Greatest Classic Monster Movie Festival on the Planet

June 23-25, 2017....Mars, PA

Details About MONSTER BASH - CLICK HERE, if you dare!

Get your hotel room right now....these hotels all filling with MONSTER BASH attendees:

Host Hotel:

Double Tree (724) 776-6900

Or, at a special MONSTER BASH Reservation site:

***Word is the host hotel is sold out, you can try though, to see if anyone might have cancelled. But here are great alternatives --- all close, within a mile!

Walking Distance:

Super 8 (724) 776-9700

Comfort Inn (724) 772-2700

Within A Mile:

Candlewood Suites (724) 591-8666

Red Roof Inn (724) 776-5670

Hampton Inn (724) 776-1000

Fairfield Inn (724) 772-0600

Marriott (724) 772-3700

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Details On The MONSTER BASH Octoberfest Show Are Here....

MONSTER BASH OCTOBERFEST MOVIE MARATHON - The Canton Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio. October 13-14, 2017. Our October show at one of the most AMAZING, glamorous movie palaces in this country - The Historic Palace Theatre, Canton, Ohio.

Get advance tickets now: CLICK HERE.

The entire Universal FRANKENSTEIN Film Series on the BIG SCREEN in a real MOVIE PALACE!

Vendors and shopping on breaks and intermissions. Special guest TV's Son of Ghoul horror movie host.



The Classic Monster Experience of a Lifetime.

We will be screening a marathon of classic horror on one of the biggest screens in the state of Ohio. The massive theatre seats about 1600 with a beautiful balcony. A big mezzanine area will feature the best of Monster Bash vendors. Creepy Classics (Monster Bash Headquarters) will fill the lobby with props and thousands of classic monster DVDs, Blu-Rays, Collectibles, T-Shirts, Monster Magazines and more.

Make your plans now! Here's a list of the Canton Hotels:

Call with any question: (724) 238-4317

Limited Vendors, call for your space now.


A Virtual Visit to Creepy Classics:

Video shot by Kevin Slick from Louisville, Colorado on a visit.

Creepy Classics Video

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