The Monster Bash this year featured Guests of Honor Ricou Browning, Gary Clarke, Gary Conway, Marian McKnight, John Babcock, Debbie Painter, Frank Dello Stritto, Tom Sullivan, Larry Storch, Terry Moore, Penny Dreadful, Son of Ghoul, Mr. Lobo, Jo Morrow, Sharyn Moffett, John Russo and many others!

It was another power-packed event celebrating the classic films of yesterday. Check out the photos from various events.

Just an incredible time. We hope you'll make the next Monster Bash! CLICK HERE for details.

Photos provided by Ron Adams, Brian Nichols, Phil Smoot, Cortlandt Hull, Steve Beai, Dan Day, John Sargent, Sandy Castle, Ted Lewczyk, Joey Vento.

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The Bash 2017 artwork by the great George Chastain!

A happy Basher from Colorao in the registration hall at MONSTER BASH.

The legendary Ricou Browning (the underwater Creature in all three Universal Creature movies) and fan Steve Beai.

The "Bash That Wouldn't Die," a Midnight Spook Show on Friday night at MONSTER BASH...

Attendee Steve Beai wearing a cool Glenn Strange shirt in front of the cool WITCH'S DUNGEON set-up!

Class act. Joshua Kennedy introduces his new movie THESEUS AND THE MINOTAUR at MONSTER BASH.

Stop-motion animator Ryan Lengyel and director Joshua Kennedy hold up animated figures from their film THESEUS AND THE MINOTAUR.

Hammer starlet Veronica Carlson and Monster Basher Dan Day.


Basher Joe Vento with Thom Shubilla (MONSTER BASH's Criswell).


Joey Vento transforms into a gorilla for the MONSTER BASH MIDNIGHT SPOOK SHOW!


The Ventos, Diane and Joey are aHEAD of the game at MONSTER BASH.

Tom Adams and gorilla-friend at MONSTER BASH.


Mighty Joe, Jr. in front ofthe giant "20" for the 20th anniversay of MONSTER BASH. It was covered wit a collage of pictures from 20 years of Bashes.


Artist Malcolm Gittins with gorilla-man Joe Vento.


Monster Bashing, it's Jessica and a giant MONSTER BASH poster.


Joey Vento, John Babcock and Geoffrey Curtis having fun at the outdoor screening on Saturday night at MONSTER BASH.


Young artist Jenna with her painting of actress Jo Morrow....and Jo Morrow, herself!

"Fan Made Monster" lamp! Creature in driftwood, autographed by Ricou Browning.

TV Horror Hostess with the Mostest - Penny Dreadful at MONSTER BASH.

"Put Your Hand on My Shoulder," wasn't that an old song....before Basher Korbin's time!

Bash producer Ron Adams tells a few behind-the-scenes stories.

Mini-Creature attacks projectionist Geffrey Curtis.

MONSTER BASH's Ron Adams receives the 8th Rondo Classic Horror Award for Best Convention!

Author Deborah Painter gives a power point presentation on the history of all the MONSTER BASH conferences.

An attendee in the back of the movie room, watches...quietly.

Look out....behind YOU! Dracula shadows an unsuspecting cake recipient on Saturday night. Free cake for hundreds of fans!

You never know "WHO" will show up at MONSTER's David Hawk!

Grim and's roaming torytellers at MONSTER BASH, The Patient Creatures.

Almost 20 years in the making...Bob Pellegrino (20 year vetern Bash staffer) sings "The Festival of the New Wine" song from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF lederhosen!

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