MONSTER BASH October 14-16, 2022

Event & Programming Schedule

Marriott Pittsburgh North, Cranberry Township-Mars, PA

***All films shown that are in print will be available for sale on site, from the legal copyright owners. See a display of MCA/Universal product, Columbia Tri-Star, MGM Home Video, Criterion, Image, Fox and others.

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Please note that guests, and programming, are subject to change...and that some guest will be leaving early Sunday to catch flights.

THURSDAY October 13, 2022

Pre-Bash: For people coming in early for Monster Bash, Ron Adams will run rare films in the afternoon and then projectionist Geoffrey Curtis will be doing his un-announced MYSTERY MOVIES! Screening various 16mm films through the evening at various times.


FRIDAY October 14, 2022



9:00 AM - 16mm FILM: MONSTERS WE'VE KNOWN AND LOVED. It's our traditional opening short film. A documentary produced back in 1964. A look at the classics from the early days through the eyes of 1964. Narrated by Joseph Cotten. Introduced with a welcome to the Monster Bash by Ron Adams.

10:00 AM - TALK: Bill Diamond, monster muppeteer and producer, will talk about the latest new coming out of The Witch's Dungeon and Bill Diamond Productions.


11:00 AM - MOVIE: MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE (1947). Screwball comedy with Bob Hope & Dorothy Lamour. Lon Chaney Jr. supports as a "Lenny-type" thug and Peter Lorre who has homicidal tendencies..


12:30 PM - MOVIE: THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (1960). Stars Jonathan Haze, Jackie Joseph and Mel Welles. A boy and his dog...errr, no...his plant! A chomping giant man-eating plant relies on his human friend Seymour to find him fresh meat. Still strange. "Feed me Seymour!" See Jack Nicholson in a crazy, early role!


2:00 PM - MOVIE: THE MONSTER (1925). Stars Lon Chaney and Johnny Arthur. A young man who has aspirations of becoming a detective is surprised on a roadway by a strange man. He investigates and finds a secluded sanatorium. The place is full of odd characters and run by a mysterious Dr. Ziska. Ziska (played by Chaney) is experimenting on dead bodies and live victims in his basement laboratory! A horror-comedy with some excellent lab sets and use of light and shadows.


3:00 PM - DEALER BALLROOM OPENS! Get the creepy cool collectibles you want before some other Monster Kid gets them!


3:30 PM - MOVIE: THE BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS (1954). Stars Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Lloyd Corrigan, Ellen Corby (Grandma Walton), Paul Wexler (FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE) and Laura Mason. The Bowery Boys end up in...a haunted house? It's complete with mad doctor, gorilla, crazy old woman, robot, a Vampira-like vampire gal and a man-eating plant. Shades of Charles Addams crashing with Brooklyn.


5:00 PM - TV SHOW: MY FAIR ERNEST T. BASS (1964). Andy Griffith tries to turn town hoodlum, Ernest T. Bass, into a gentleman. He's introdiced to the sweet Ramona ("Ro-Meena") played by Jackie Joseph. Then the unexpected magic happens!


5:30 PM - Q&A: JACKIE JOSEPH. Actress Jackie Joseph joins us for fun and smiles! She's in the classic horror-comedy, the original LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Plus, you must remember her as the girlfriend of Ernest T. Bass in THE ANDY GRIFFITH SOW. She's the voice of Melody in JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS. Her credits include GREMLINS, GREMLINS 2, Boris Karloff's THRILLER, THE BRADY BUNCH, THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, F TROOP, WILD WILD WEST, McHALE'S NAVY, HOGAN'S HEROES, PETTICOAT JUNCTION, WHO'S MINDING THE MINT, GOMER PYLE, THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW....yes, there's even more...Moderated by Ron Adams.


6:00 PM - TV SHOW: HALLOWEEN WITH THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1964). It's the season and let's join one of our favorite families for Halloween.


6:30 PM - GAME SHOW: MONSTER MATCH GAME. Remember the old MATCH GAME TV show? Well now it's done with classic monster movies! Your hosts are Leonard Hayhurst and Thom Shubilla. You could participate and win prizes! Don't miss the fun!


7:30 PM - MOVIE: THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN (1966). Stars Don Knotts, Joan Staley, Dick Sargent and Liam Redmond. One of the funniest haunted house movies with Don Knotts (Barney in the original Andy Grifffth TV Show). Knotts is a typesetter at a newspaper and sees his big break as a reporter coming by spending a night in a reported haunted house and clearing up many mysteries that revolve around the old place. You'll love the organ in the house (with bloody keys), playing by itself. Then there's a knife that appears in the heart of a portrait hanging on a wall...with blood flowing from it!


8:30PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick! Only a half hour left for shopping in the Dealer Ballroom today. If you don't get it now, you might never see that item again! The Dealer Ballroom closes at 9PM today.


9:00 PM - MOVIE: ABBOTT & COSELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948). The rip-snortin' monster fest classic and Abbott & Costello's pinnacle. Lou's brain is targeted for the Frankenstein Monster's skull by Dracula (Lugosi) and his lovely assistant. Larry Talbot flies in from London to try and help keep Dracula from completing his nefarious plans. Lon Chaney Jr. is great in his final Larry Talbot/Wolf Man incarnation, Glenn Strange rocks as the mighty Frankenstein Monster and Bela Lugosi's major studio swan song --- and he's GREAT! I can never get enough of this, it's one memorable scene after another.


10:30 PM - Q&A: RON CHANEY. We celebrate A Century of Chaney's with Lon Chaney's grandson, Ron Chaney. Ron will talk about his grandfather and his great grandfather....the Chaney legacy. Ron is currently involved with finishing a two volume bio-photo book that was started by his grandfather. Ron recently was consultant on the musical stage show about his great grandfather - "A Thousand Faces." From The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, Dracula...the Chaney family has portrayed an army of classic movie monsters. Lon Chaney Jr. also appeared in the iconic ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. Don't miss this east coast appearance with Ron Chaney....Moderated by Bob Pellegrino.


Above: Host Thom Shubilla, and on the right, the crazy Lagoon Creature from THE CASTLE OF THE MONSTERS (1958) on the left.

11:00 PM -MEXICAN MONSTER NIGHT: THE CASTLE OF MONSTERS (1958). A South-of-the-Border version of ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN. A vampire, werewolf, mummy, Frankenstein monster and facsimile Creature from the Black Lagoon chase a poor nut around a spooky castle. Though it's silly, it has some great moments. The opening is extremely creepy with a carriage going through dark woods and the driver turning into a werewolf. German Robles plays the vampire. NOTE: In Spanish, no subtitles....but I don't think you need them for this, it's obvios gooft fun! Free tacos and burritos (while they last).


1:00AM MONSTER BASH LATE, LATE SHOW: THE OLD DARK HOUSE (1932). The James Whale classic tale of a stormy night. Sardonic humor, wonderful photography and eerie scenes with a cast to kill for (literally!). Boris Karloff, Ernest Thesiger, Gloria Stuart, Charles Laughton, Raymond Massey and Melvyn Douglas star in a tale of stranded an old, dark house!



SATURDAY October 15, 2022



8:00 AM - SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS & CEREAL. Cartoons for kids of all ages. Plus, FREE cereal is passed out to the audience...just the way Saturday morning used to be growing up...cartoons and cereal. Presented by TV horror host SON OF GHOUL!


9:00 AM - TV SHOW: SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? (1969) A classic episode that we all grew up with whether it was first run, or on re-runs! Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Velma...along with some mysterious monsters...?


9:30 AM - MOVIE: THE CAT ND THE CANARY (1939) Stars Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, Gale Sondergard, George Zucco and John Beal. The creepy ol' chestnut! The old dark house, the reading of the will, the spooky trappings. Gale Sondergard is particularly great!


10:00 AM - DEALER BALLROOM OPENS! Get the creepy cool collectibles you want before some other Monster Kid gets them!


11:00 AM - BRAIN TWIST QUIZ SHOW with Tom Weaver. You better start studying....this is a fast-paced, no holds barred quiz show. A quiz on your knowledge of classic horror and science fiction films. A huge grand prize of blu-rays, DVDs, books, monster magazines and t-shirt! Plus, consultation prizes. Tom's one of the greatest authorities on the subject in the get ready. The spotlight will be on THE CAT AND THE CANARY (1939). Study hard, win prizes!


12:00 NOON - MOVIE: ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (1944). Wonderful horror-comedy with Cary Grant as Mortimer Brewster who is at odds with his brother Jonathan who looks like Boris Karloff (played by Raymond Massey). Jonathan and his accomplice, Peter Lorre, are fugitives from the law. Wanted for murder and other heinous crimes. The only thing is when they take refuge in the house where their two aunts live......they find the aunt's are more prolific murderers then they are! Hysterical, spooky and endearing. Directed by Frank Capra. Music by Max Steiner. Classic cinema at its finest.


1:30 PM - LIVE THEATER: EDGAR ALLAN POE MATINEE. It's amazing one man theatre as Zach Zito acts out short horror story classics....If you've never seen Zach perform...don't dare miss this...and if you have seen him before, you know to be there. It's a Poe matinee with THE TELL-TALE HEAR, THE RAVEN, ELDORADO and THE BLACK CAT.


2:30 PM - FORGOTTEN HORROR-COMEDY MOVIE: ONE FRIGHTENED NIGHT (1935). A great old dark house poverty row flick. A crotchety old man reads his will and all hell breaks loose during a storm. Great opening credits with neat peer through a window of the house. This highly regarded, seldom seen little film is so much fun. Introduced with great insights by MONSTER BASH's Michael Adams.


4:00 PM - THE MONSTER BASH GAME SHOW: WHAT'S MY MONSTER? Join Leonard Hayhurst and Thom Shubilla for a romping game show. Test your abilities as a Monster Kid with your knowledge of monsters and monster movies. Guess the monster and maybe, win monstrous prizes too! And MONSTER BASH's own "Vanna White," Paisley Jaynes will assist.!


5:00PM - MOVIE: MASTER MINDS (1949). Stars Leo Gorcey and The Bower Boys, Jane Adams, Glenn Strange, Alan Napier, Skelton Knaggs and Minerva Urecal. One of the great horror setting films for The Bowery Boys. The boys run into a brain-swapping mad doctor who uses electronics to transfer brain patterns. Satch (Huntz Hall) gets his brain swapped with a werewolf-life giant monster (played by Glenn Strange). Great fun.


5:30PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick! Only a half hour left for shopping in the Dealer Ballroom today. If you don't get it now, you might never see that item again! Dealer ballroom closes at 6PM.


6:30PM - MOVIE: BLOOD-SUCKING MONKEYS FROM WEST MIFFLIN. This rare film might be preempted. Stay tuned.


6:35PM - Q&A: JOE FLAHERTY. Joe Flaherty From SCTV, to USED CARS, BACK TO THE FUTURE II, HAPPY GILMORE, POLICE ACADEMY TV show, MANIAC MANSON, THAT 70s SHOW, FREAKS AND GEEKS, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY and so much more. It's "Count Floyd" his TV Horror Host personna. Moderated by John Bishop.


8:00 PM - MONSTER BASH WEDDING! Monster Bash vendor Terri Mount weds Tom Alsup. This is real wedding with pastor Mark Statler officiating. Come join the wondrous event here at MONSTER BASH.


9:00 PM - LET THEM EAT "WEDDING" CAKE! The famous MONSTER BASH cake feeding frenzy. Giant, monster sized sheet cakes are served up by the MONSTER BASH staff to fans for as long as it lasts. Think ahead...chocolate or yellow cake...some hard decisions! A a nice break and the kick-off for Saturday night MONSTER BASH madness. Head for the front of the lobby!


9:30 PM - Q&A: ZANDOR VORKOV. Dracula himself, from DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN...Zandor Vorkov. Zandor worked with Lon Chaney, Jr., J. Carroll Naish and Forrest J Ackerman on the cult drive-in classic film DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN. The film was covered heavily in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine back in 1971. In 1971 he also appeared in the horror film BRAIN OF BLOOD. He has risen from the grave to reunite with fans at MONSTER BASH! Moderated by John Bishop.


10:00 PM - MONSTER BASH MUSIC: MARK STATLER. Time to take a breather from movies and enjoy the music of Mark Statler...standards to retro monster music. Step back in time to days of big bands and classic vocalists. From songs like Moonglow to a song called Dracula's Daughter. This Monster Kid can sing!


11:00 PM - STOOGE THEATER with TV host SON OF GHOUL: Ohio's TV legend "Son of Ghoul" has been on the air for over 30 years and counting. He hists three scary Stooge classics for Saturday evening fun. Sheer entertainment.


Above: The prize toss, besides beach balls, get ready for the flinging of free DVDs, Blu-Rays, Monster Magazines, Monster Toys and more!

12:00 MIDNIGHT BIG EVENT - THE MONSTER BASH "FESTIVAL OF THE NEW WINE Song." A Monster Bash tradition. Bob Pellegrino sings the "Festival of the New Wine" from FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN. Plus, the great free prize toss, this year featuring magazines, blu-rays, DVDs, and just plain cool Monster Kid stuff. WARNING: If you do not wish to get hit by flying free stuff, do not stay in the room for this event. Enter and stay at your own risk. We'll kick off the midnight fun with the Monster Bash Lifetime Achievement Awards too!


12:15 AM - TE LATE MOVIE: THE GHOST BREAKERS (1940). A great comedy-horror with Bob Hope. Noble Johnson in really great make-up is the zombie of an island. There's a castle and a ghost too. Next to ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN this might be the second best classic horror-comedy!



Attention: Below is the schedule for our June MONSTER BASH 2022 just to give you an idea of our programming. The actual October schedule is coming soon.

SUNDAY June 26, 2022





MAKE THIS YOUR LAST CHANCE SHOPPING DAY! YOU MIGHT NEVER SEE THOSE COOL ITEMS IN THE DEALER ROOM AGAIN. Sunday is shopping day at BASH. In between our final great programming you have to hit the dealer ballroom. Hurry before that person that was next to you in the hallways gets that rare item you really wanted!

Note: Some guests will be catching flights, so get them early.


8:00 AM - MONSTER BASH CHURCH SERVICE . Father Mike Paraniuk will give the service at Monster Bash. All denominations are welcome. Father Mike is a priest from Ohio. Attendees don't have to go out looking for a church. We do it here with all your friends and Monster Bash family. Music by Steven Thornton, John Sargent and Ursula Adams.


9:00 AM - SUNDAY MORNING FILM SHORTS. Three short films of the Little Rascals (Our Gang) canon. Presented by -- Ohio TV Horror Host and fellow Monster Kid brother -- Son of Ghoul.

9:15PM - TV SHOW: THE HAUNTED HOUSE. Another classic episode from THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW in which Don Knotts goes into 5th gear!

10:00 AM - MOVIE: AMONG THE LIVING (1941). Excellent story of twin brothers (played by Albert Dekker). One normal, one an insane maniac with homicidal tendencies. Dekker plays the bad brother a little like a "Lenny-type," but with a big streak of evil. Terrifying and intriguing. The evil brother had been locked away for 25 years in an old house that the townspeople think is haunted. The local doctor (Harry Carey) had forged the evil twin's death certificate. Carey is excellent, as well as Susan Hayward. Terrifying and not unlike THE LODGER in certain ways.


11:30 AM - TV SPECIAL: CHILLER THEATER REUNION. Pittsburgh TV horror host icon, Bill Cardille, did this reunion show in 1991. Back were his great supporting cast of Terminal Stare, Norman the Castle Keeper, and Steve Luncinski. THey did new skits and Bill pulled out vintage footage from the 1960s and 1970s shows. If you grew up in the Pittsburgh area, this is what Saturday night was all about...getting a pizza and watching Chilly Billy host horror movies.


12:30 NOON - MOVIE: ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE KILLER, BORIS KARLOFF (1949). Boris is in a turban and Lou's in trouble with a murder rap. A really cool chase through huge caverns with bottomless pits is a highlight! It's Sunday afternoon, church s over and we raced home to see an Abbott and Costello movie on TV.


2:00 PM - FORGOTTEN FEATURE FILM: REVENGE OF THE ZOMBIES (1946). John Carradine is creating a race of zombies to do his bidding in a "conquer the world" idea. Mantan Moreland, as usual, steals the show with one liners!


3:00 PM - MOVIE: THE GREEN SLIME (1946). Astronauts aboard the Gamma III are infiltrated by an alien lifeforce...The Green Slime! Tentacled monsters are out to do away with the pesky humans. Remember the cool old Famous Monsters magazine cover that featured THE GREEN SLIME?


4:30 PM - LAST CALL FOR THE DEALER BALLROOM TODAY. Get your groovy, ghoulish goodies before the dealer room closes. Quick!

Please note that guests, and programming, are subject to change.


Stay tuned for infomation on October 14-16, 2022 MONSTER BASH at the Marriott Pittsburgh North.

We'll see you again in August 2022 at the MONSTER BASH BELA LUGOSI MOVIE MARATHON in Canton, Ohio at the grand PALACE THEATRE (see photo below!) with Lugosi historian Frank Dello Stritto, vendors and giant screen movies!

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